Directory of Singapore Crypto Companies

Despite being a tiny island, Singapore is ranked as the world's best to do business in and has zero tolerance towards corruption. Singapore is now known popularly as the blockchain and crypto hub of Southeast Asia. Singapore’s measured responses to the development of such technologies have been seen as welcoming. Banks here are expected to establish suitable procedures and controls, including those governing customer transactions and relationships, and to comply with customer due diligence requirements of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) rules on preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism. MAS will regulate the offer or issue of digital tokens if they constitute products regulated under the Securities and Futures Act. It doesn’t regulate virtual currencies per se, a similar position to that taken by central banks and regulators in other countries. 

MustLoveCoin has listed companies that are issuing their own crypto currency with the use of blockchain technology currently based in Singapore or had made Singapore their platform to facilitate collaboration between all market participants and stakeholders in the FinTech ecosystem.

Ranking of coins below are not base on their popularity or market performance. We will continue to add new companies when we come across one.

The Capital by CoinMarketCap on November 12-13 2019, Singapore

MCO/CRO | Foris Asia Pte Ltd

MITX | Morpheus Labs Pte Ltd

HILA | Hilarium Foundation Limited

LXT | Litex Foundation Ltd 

OSC | Oasis City Pte Ltd

LAD | Ladder Network Foundation Ltd

LOCUS | Locus Chain Foundation Pte Ltd

UND | Unification Foundation Pte Ltd

OCN | Odyssey Protocol Foundation Limited

DFT | DigiFinex Pte Ltd

Digix Technologies Private Limited

DGX (Digix Gold Token)

DGD (DigixDAO)

PXG | Play Game Pte Ltd

ALGO | Algorand Foundation Limited

EGT | Egretia Foundation Ltd

NPXS | Pundi X Labs Pte Ltd

EGG (Nestree) | Codepp Pte Ltd

UUU | UGC Network Foundation Ltd

ALP | Alphacon Network Foundation Ltd

EVX (Everex) | EVX Holdings Pte Ltd

HEDG | Rublix Development Pte Ltd


 TAN | Taklimakan Network Pte Ltd

ZIL | Zilliqa Research Pte Ltd

BKBT (Beekan) | Bitwires Technology Pte Ltd

ART | Maecenas Fine Art (Singapore) Pte Ltd

PYN | Texcent Asia Pte Ltd

DEEP | DeepCloud AI SG Pte Ltd

ATLS | Atlas Network Pte Ltd

GMAT | GOWITHMI Technology Pte Ltd


SPC | Spacehhain Foundation Ltd

LUNA | Terraform Labs Pte Ltd

ZPT | Zeepin Pte Ltd

DBC (DeepChain) | DBChain Foundation Ltd

BPTT | Purple Butterfly Trading

VET & VTHO | VeChain Foundation Limited

MGO | MGO Operations Pte Limited


ZLA (Zilla) | ZLA Pte Ltd

PAY | TenX Pte Ltd

UPX | UDAP Foundation Limited

KCS Kucoin | Phoenixfin Pte Ltd

KNC | Kyber Network Pte Ltd

LTC | Litecoin Foundation Ltd