BTC & BCH continue to appreciate

It is around 10pm now here in Singapore. Bitcoin price now shows SGD$17,400 & Bitcoin Cash SGD$685.

3122730207?profile=RESIZE_710xThe figures only keep increasing each time I refresh. How I wish I did not spend any of my coins last few weeks. Anyway whats the use of MCO crypto card if you don't use it for spending? It's now my habit spending almost everything from bottled drinks to cigarettes using my MCO Visa. The 2% rebate that comes with it is far better than any of my other rebate cards eg. PAssion card!

Ok getting back to my coin topic. It looks to me that people have been selling alternate coins to buy more Bitcoin instead. Ethereum has started to follow the rising trend set by Bitcoin. Litecoin price looks same to me for the past 3-4 days. XRP is still cheap and you I have been telling my friends how cheap and affordable it is still. Not forgetting my favourite MCO coin now stands at SGD$9.32 down from $10 yesterday. Hope to see it goes $12 by Sunday :)  

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