Keeping an eye on $NKN

Keeping an eye on $NKN

$NKN was up more than 40% yesterday and after a huge dump/selloff it is now down -33%. A similar trading pattern can be seen in $LAMB during it's peak "festive" period in April this year. I am sure many out there made huge profits out of $LAMB. Today $NKN trading pattern and behaviour is almost similar. This could be another playing ground for speculators. Buying the dip can still be a lose lose situation. But I am buying $NKN for the adrenaline rush and hopefully make that 20-30% gain in the next few days. Pheew..Fingers crossed!

What is NKN? 

NKN is the new kind of P2P network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain. We use economic incentives to motivate Internet users to share network connection and utilize unused bandwidth. NKN's open, efficient, and robust networking infrastructure enables application developers to build the decentralized Internet so everyone can enjoy secure, low cost, and universally accessible connectivity.
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