$LOCUS Is Up Almost 150% Now


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Locus Chain has been developed with the aim of being used for real transactions. Therefore, we strive to maintain fast and stable transaction rates even when there are many external factors such as increased transaction volume, or when the number of nodes drops below a specific number. We expect the transaction to be possible within a few seconds; For this aim, we are developing it by using Account-Wise Transaction Chain, one of the DAGs, in the ledger data structure. To solve the problem of block size increase, which is one of the problems of the current generation block chain, we apply our own Dynamic State Sharding technology to the transaction ledger block. Unlike static sharding, Dynamic State Sharding is a structure that does not have a problem of low stability when there are not enough node numbers in the shard, and it is expected that it will be able to be configured what it does not interfere with transaction authentication even when the sharding adjustment is in progress. Details can be found in the white paper on the official website.

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