What Happened to Influence Chain?

What Happened to Influence Chain?

Influence Chain again appeared on CoinMarketCap's top gainer today. But I found something amiss about this company. I was about to include Influence Chain to MustLoveCoin but after doing a company registration check with ACRA (the national regulator of business entities, public accountants and corporate service providers in Singapore) here is what I found.

  1. Glad that Influence Chain site is still up. http://www.influencechain.org/en-us/
  2. Whitepaper listed Influence Chain Pte Ltd. as a Singapore registered company. But...3389616046?profile=RESIZE_710x
  3. Company does not exist. The reason could probably be they have shifted to another country.3389592483?profile=RESIZE_710x
  4. Twitter page cannot be not found. Under maintenance or totally gone?3389617745?profile=RESIZE_710x
  5. Instagram page is down. 3389618234?profile=RESIZE_710x
  6. Facebook says "this content isn't available right now'. 3389634819?profile=RESIZE_710x


With close to USD$630,000 worth of $INC being traded last 24 hours, we definitely hope to see Influence Chain making better progress and continue with it's vision so that talent management can be realized thru a decentralized network.

Whatever the issues they might have at Influence Chain, Influence Exchange (INEX) is still up and running. INEX is the world's first vertical digital currency exchange focused on pan-entertainment. Looking at this whole thing positively, it could mean there is something exciting and big plans coming their way due to the big numbers traded today. Telling us that it is time to buy more $INC?! :)

Let's wish them all the best!

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