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Acute Angle Chain is a decentralized public blockchain platform. Developers can use the Acute Angle Chain to release Tokens, smart contracts and blockchain systems simply, quickly and safely. The AcuteAngle Chain is committed to building a global blockchain network system that allows for the exchange of information, interconnects value and trust. The philosophy and technical mission of the Acute Angle Chain is to build a blockchain world without obstruction.

The Acute Angle hardware series is one of the components of the New PC Network. It establishes a reward for usersthrough smart contracts based on Content-Addressable Network (CAN) peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol storage, and Acute Angle Chain public chain digital asset management. These include all kinds of hardware devices from personal computers to mobile devices. Using contentaddressing technology, the hardware terminal that joins the New PC Network is used as a node to complete the network.

Acute Angle PC
Pre-installed genuine Windows10
A blockchain inspired device for entertainment and enterprise.
Enterprise | Entertainment | Blockchain Node | Sharing Computing Resources

  • Blockchain Node
    The Acute Angle PCs connect to each other to create a globally distributed cloud storage system, the Acute Angle Cloud. Each device is a blockchain node in the network and engages with it by sharing the users' idle computing resources and collecting rewards in return. When there are 1 million devices online, if each carries an external 1 TB hard drive, the network's storage space will be over 1 million TBs.
  • Shared Computing Resources
    With the idle resources provided by users, we can deliver comprehensive and stable CDN and cloud computing services for internet businesses. We can also supply a series of innovative and valuable services for download platforms, media streaming platforms and dynamic acceleration platforms as well as providing secure, stable and more cost-effective cloud computing services for SMEs.
  • Expansion Supported
    The Acute Angle PC is equipped with a 128GB SSD hard drive. In order to increase the resources shared, the system supports storage expansion through an external hard drive, thus providing more comprehensive and stable IaaS services to online businesses.
  • Authentic Windows 10 License
    The Acute Angle PC is a purpose-built device but it also uses a familiar environment that allows users to navigate through it easily. The PC uses Windows 10 Home edition; meaning it can be used for working, gaming or just surfing the web. Just plug it into any monitor and use it as a regular PC while it connects to the network as node and shares idle resources.
  • High Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption
    We bring to you the newest technology. The Acute Angle PC uses the Intel Apollo N3450 14nm Quad-core microprocessor, reducing heat generation and power consumption. When compared to a 20nm CPU, it saves 40% more power, saving resources and using only 10% of the energy other desktops use.
  • Cutting-edge Design
    When designing the product, we wanted to ensure our roots and culture were embedded in it. We believe the blockchain represents reliability, trust and safety. We chose the strongest shape in nature to represent just that.The blend of a traditional material such as wood helps us connect with the craftsmanship of the past. The aluminum alloy making the mark of the future. Everything comes together with a CNC finishing.



UEN 201728499G

3 Fraser Street #05-25 Duo Tower, Singapore 189352

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AAC Token

AAC is a digital asset running on Ethereum in the Acute Angle Cloud ecosystem.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Distribution

Reward System: 45%
Project Foundation Reserve: 25%
Cornerstone investors: 25%
Initial team and R&D team: 5%

The AAC is generated through shared Acute Angle hardware resources such as hard drive speed, upstream bandwidth, CPU computing ability and other ecosystem reward mechanisms. It is mutually decided by combining the AcuteAngle Chain's interactive behavior in specific block cycles.

  • Users can purchase the Acute Angle hardware devices, and activate the Acute Angle Coin's reward plan to get the AAC by sharing resources;
  • Users can contribute with upstream bandwidth, available hard drive space, CPU computing power, hard disk speed, and/or a multi-dimensional scoring algorithm according to the equipment stability in order to be rewarded with AAC;
  • Users can also participate in Acute Angle Cloud official activities and acquire AAC according to the activity’s rules.
  • Acute Angle hardware users in the New PC Network can also receive the Acute Angle Cloud’s ecosystem reward.

SN is used as a universal token to activate applications/functions or replace resources in the ecosystem. Users need to exchange AAC for SN within the ecosystem.

AAC can be purchase from these Exchanges: OKEx | Huobi Global | Lbank | CoinTiger