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Founded in Singapore, Alphacon Network is the operator of the blockchain based healthcare platform, jointly run by Hahm Shout, Credoway, Interezen, Korea M&A Center, and my23 Healthcare.

Alphacon describes itself as a blockchain-based data & AI platform. It aims to build an ecosystem of Alpha-Chain Dapp projects leverage blockchain technology and AI.

Alphacon is a 3rd generation Mainnet that remedies the shortcomings of 1st and 2nd generation blockchains and uses the latest PoS 3.0 Core as a consensus algorithm. PoS 3.0 increases the probability of receiving block compensation from an investor who is taking more coins of participating in he node, without giving block compensation to coin holders who are not participating in the node. The traditional PoS method addresses Coin-Age security issues that have arisen as a result of increasing the probability of receiving rewards for wallets that have been staked out for longer periods of time.

In this way, Alphacon will not only provide technical stability, efficiency, and decentralization, but also subtokens based on the Alpha-Chain Mainnet coin, which will enable projects to build an ecosystem, and provides a platform that is highly utilized in the real economy through its acceleration services such as development, marketing and listing on exchanges. Currently, projects based on the Alphacon Mainnet include ‘my23 Healthcare’ in the healthcare industry and ‘REMOFIT’ in the sports industry with additional projects in F&B, beauty, and pets expected. In the future, Alphacon will look at various industries in which data is collected and identify projects that can generate
synergy through blockchain technology.


Alphacon Network Foundation Ltd

9 Temasek Boulevard #04-02 Suntec Tower Two, Singapore 038989

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ALP Token

The Alpha-Chain (ALP) is an ERC20 token build on the Ethereum platform. ALP token is issued through the Alphacon Mainnet.

Total supply: 25,000,000,000

Token Distribution

  • ICO: 30%
  • Reserve for Global Network: 30%
  • Team & Advisor & Founder: 10%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Partner & Alliance & ODM, R&D Network: 10%
  • User Growth Pool: 10%

Starting from healthcare services, Alphacon will expand to other diverse business models in the food, exercise, environment, and other categories. Each project’s business will be connected to the Alphacon Mainnet and a blockchain platform that supports expansion to various different categories will be secured.

ALP is available on IDAX Exchange