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AMO is a blockchain project to create and operate the AMO market, a market where car data can be shared and exchanged.

AMO Market = CAR DATA Market

AMO was founded in 2017 in response to the accelerating progress and emerging opportunities in the area of connected vehicles, electric mobility, and smart cities. AMO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Penta Security Systems Inc., the top cyber security vendor in Asia, as recognized by Frost & Sullivan. Established in 1997, Penta Security Systems is a forerunner in automotive cybersecurity with its smart car security solution AutoCrypt®. Since entering development in 2007, AutoCrypt® has been integrated into several connected car initiatives in Korea and abroad, including government-led smart city testbeds.  

For safer, data-driven driving
AMO is a platform for safe and fair data marketplace. The data collected from cars will change your everyday life, as smart mobility is on the threshold of a new era with car data and its infinite of possibilities. AMO unlocks new values from driving data and provides an open but safe, a compatible transactional environment for all.

AMO Market is a car data market centered on AMO Blockchain and AMO Platform. AMO Blockchain and AMO Platform will be developed by security experts through the application of blockchain technology to Penta Security’s existing technologies, namely AutoCrypt®, AuthentiCA®, and Penta CryptoWalletTM. AMO Market will contribute significantly to revitalizing the automobile industry by deriving additional value from car data and incentivizing participation and interaction in the AMO Market.


  • Able to collect all data: V2X, In-Car Data, User Data
  • In conjunction with Penta CryptoWalletTM, AMO Auto WalletTM works as an in-car blockchain client as well
    as a wallet


  • AMO CA works as a PKI for the mutual authentication of IT systems used by different market participants
  • Encryption provided to enable market participants to grant permissions for data
  • Encryption key provided to allow for data encryption and de-identification

Penta CryptoWalletTM

  • AMO Mobile WalletTM released with features like data collection, community involvement, transaction,
    and blockchain client.
  • Various additional functions for future AMO Coin economy expansion

How AMO Market Works
AMO Market utilizes blockchain technology to improve the current automobile ecosystem that consists of numerous stakeholders. The core feature of AMO Market is voluntary provision and appropriate compensation for car data. Car users, manufacturers,  service providers, and all other participants in the automobile industry will be able to provide car data and receive appropriate compensation for their contribution according to market value.

Market participants assume the roles of both data producers and consumers. Car data generated via initial vehicle use along with secondary output (processed car data) will be traded in the market, and the market value of data will be determined based on the law of supply and demand and information gathered through various support systems, provided by the AMO Platform.


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AMO Token

AMO Coin (AMO) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform.

Total supply: 19,679,012,762

The AMO Platform uses the AMO Blockchain to provide AMO Market operations. It supports communication among participants and manages operational policies and IT systems including software. AMO Market is built on the AMO Blockchain and supports the fair valuation of data and distribution of rewards. Accounting for adjustments in supply and demand, payouts and purchases are made with AMO Coin.

Reward System
AMO Market enables all participants to receive appropriate rewards for their contribution:

  • Rewards for Producing Data
  • Rewards for Participating as Node
  • Rewards for Block Generation
AMO is listed on the following Exchanges: Bithumb | Coinone | LBank | IDEX