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The first open blockchain platform that democratises access to Fine Art

Maecenas is a decentralised art gallery, democratising access to fine art investment. In a nutshell, we will have a blockchain-driven platform where shares of fine art are bought and sold. The global art market is huge with an estimated $3 trillion of art value in storage. Investment in art is attractive because it is stable and appreciates long term. But you have to be pretty rich to buy a major artwork. Until now. On the platform, Maecenas divides great artworks into fragments and investors trade those shares. You can own a fragment of an artwork even though you could never afford the whole painting or sculpture.

“It’s just like you buy a share in a company. In a way, Maecenas will be the NASDAQ of fine art investment.”  Maecenas Co-founder, Marcelo Garcia Casil

After launching its beta platform in June 2018, Maecenas has successfully tokenised a $5.6m painting by Andy Warhol, which was acquired by a number of different investors who participated in the first-ever decentralised Dutch auction for an art run on the Ethereum network.

Why are we called Maecenas? We coined the name inspired by Gaius Maecenas who is regarded as the patron of the arts. Back in the Roman Empire times, he financed poets out of his own pocket to help them strive and be able to be full time artists. We aim to be a modern patron stimulating the art business. The name is pronounced “My-seen-us”.

  1. Art investment without intermediaries.
  2. Raise funds from a syndicate of investors using your art collection as collateral.
  3. Invest in fine art in the most transparent and efficient way.

Maecenas Fine Art (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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ART Token

Maecenas (ART) is a token built on the Binance chain platform named ART-3C9.

Total supply: 100,000,000

The ART token is a necessity for all functions performed by the Maecenas platform.

  • 30% sold in the crowdsale
  • 30% kept as reserve liquidity fund
  • 20% allocated to incentivise partners and client acquisition
  • 20% retained by Maecenas