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Atlas is a universal blockchain platform for the travel industry. It aims to connect businesses and consumers to a distributed smart network for user data, content and transactions. This platform will eliminate rent seeking middle men, give back control of user data to the consumers, increase efficiencies for the entire value chain, and bring about a fairer distribution of economic benefits in the travel ecosystems.

The Atlas infrastructure is comprised of three distinct layers: The core blockchain layer stores all venue information/content, transactional and user data on a distributed ledger and off-chain storage and operates with custom smart contracts. The service layer provides API access and payment gateway for 3rd party developers and allows travel brands and other IP owners to issue their own ATLS based tokens. And lastly the application layer where Atlas’ own dApp as well third party dApps bring the power of this travel blockchain to life.

Atlas is building the first public blockchain and protocol for the travel industry. Atlas also benefits from the extensive existing partnerships with the world’s best hotels, travel suppliers and consumer brands that are already established by Zanadu, an affiliated company behind the same team and a community of more than one million Zanadu users. This allows Atlas fast adoption for real-world usage.

Most other travel ICO projects, are variations of DApps in accommodation booking, built on different main-chain infrastructures. Their scopes are limited to the promise of reduced commission cost and increased transparency through the usage of Smart Contracts on Ethereum or NEO blockchain. It does not address the critical step in upstarting the consumer’s traffic and it fails to involve broader travel industry participants. The long term success of a tokenised economy is about building an ecosystem that provides tangible benefits for all stake holders, content creators, businesses, and 3rd party DApp developers.

Atlas is about building an entire ecosystem that connects all physical locations and business venues to a digital atlas, enabling decentralized storage and exchange of content, user data and transactions between consumers and businesses. The Atlas Blockchain and the Atlas Protocol are the backbone of this ecosystem, with the Atlas App as the user-facing DApp that kick-starts the process.

Atlas is completely open-source and all-inclusive. Hotels, restaurants, her business venues, 3rd party developers and travel entrepreneurs can all tap into the various APIs on the Atlas Protocol and access the cross-vendor user and transactional data that is stored on the Atlas Blockchain. The infrastructure also enables them to build independent DApps and launch their own token offerings without the need of developing their own blockchain and building a community.

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ALTS Token

The Atlas Token is ATLS built on the Ethereum platform. It is the unit of exchange in the Atlas ecosystem. 

Total supply: 875,000,000

Rewards Token

  • Atlas Network uses ATLS from its reserve to reward content producers for creating useful and high-quality content.
  • Venues can use ATLS to engage and reward content producers for creating content about their venues.
  • Businesses can use ATLS as the base currency for their loyalty and reward program, providing customer rewards of more tangible value and the option to redeem across different vendors in the Atlas ecosystem.

Payment Token

  • Customers can use ATLS as a form of payment for goods and services offered by vendors/ suppliers in the ecosystem.
    Currency of Exchange for 3rd Party DApps.
  • Atlas provides base-level inf rastructure including blockchain, on-chain-off-chain storage, content API, payment gateway, channel / inventory management, and a custom contract API. This enables 3rd party developers to build innovative products and DApps on the platform. ATLS will the token of exchange used by these DApps.

Base Currency for Token Offerings

  • Atlas provides a built-in framework for 3rd party businesses to issue its own tokens based on ATLS. 2.3

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