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Bitwires (formerly known as Beenews) is committed to be the safest, reliable and legitimate largest blockchain social media platform worldwide.

Beenews is the value discovery platform for blockchain and digital currencies based on Meta-graph Chain (BKBT-Token), for providing the users with the smart feeds, knowledge graph, CV-Rank index (coin volatility rank), and growth track index of the digital currency, assisting the users in seeking for value investment and avoiding the investment blind points, and popularizing the block chain knowledge to drive the healthy development of the block chain ecosystem. It recommends the smart feeds to the users according to their interest and habit, and via the deep machine learning; it can update the digital currency information searched for in the whole network; via data cleaning and structuralization, it forms the knowledge graph of digital currency, constructs the CV-Rank index, and quickly and accurately reflects the short-term price fluctuation of digital currency; the block chain technology is applied to mine, compute and reconstruct the complete internet information, real-time market information and other data on hundreds of dimensions of the digital currency at each of the time points, to form the Beenews digital currency growth track index, so as to facilitate the users to estimate the long-term value of the digital currency; the independently developed Meta-graph chain is the public chain
for tracing the source of data based on block chain technology, which could be used to build the follow-up and evaluation system for global digital assets.

Beenews community will be managed by a foundation in Singapore. As a legal entity of Beenews community, the foundation is responsible for technology development, 23 business promotion and community operations of Beenews, bearing all Beenews' legal liabilities.

Bitwires Technology Pte Ltd

1 North Bridge Road #21-10 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094

Supernova Chain Foundation Pte Ltd

195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #02-65 Singapore 168976

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BKBT Token

BeeKan (BKBT) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform. BKBT is also operating on the Binance chain with the name BKBT-3A6. 

BKBT will be the only eco-Token on all apps under Bitwires brand. Bitwires is the world's fastest growing blockchain media platform based on Token economy, which provides token incentives for reading, sharing and invitation as a practitioners of Token economy. BKBT will be the only eco-Token on all apps under Bitwires brand.

Total BKBT Token: 10 000 000 000

Early pre-sale 40%
Managed fund 20%
Incentive fund for ecology 30%
R&D team and early contributor 10%

Trade BKBT on Binance Dex

Swap ERC20 to BEP2 compatible tokens
The converted BKBT will be traded on Binance DEX.