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Blockcloud aims to reinvent the roads on which modern applications drive on. It is a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP that improves and upgrades the existing Internet. Combining the advantages of blockchain and Future Internet technology, it reconstructs the technology layers below where current blockchain networks and Internet applications operate. Blockcloud serves as the “building block” to provide constant connectivity for dynamic networks. It will provide better mobility, credibility, incentives, security, fairness, and scalability to upper-layer applications.

Application Scenarios

  1. Internet of Vehicles
    Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is an application of IoT within transportation. It includes characteristics of having extremely fast and unstable node changes, direct correlation between personal and property security, and multiple nodes participating in scheduling coordination. The underlying physical network of Blockcloud combines Service-centric Networking (SCN) and Blockchain technology. This enables superior connectivity and mobility, and can provide decentralized trust as well as fair economic incentives. The combination of these factors can be very well adapted to the Internet of Vehicles sector.
  2. Smart Home
    Existing smart devices rely heavily on the home gateway through which all instructions are processed and distributed. Once this gateway is compromised, all connected smart devices are affected. Blockcloud allows all smart devices to securely access the decentralized blockchain network and can break the boundaries of "home", enabling smart devices in different homes to communicate and coordinate directly.
  3. Edge Computing
    The advantages of Blockcloud in connectivity, mobility and computations can help solve the problem of frequent offline and unstable nodes in edge computing. This helps to ensure that all nodes are given suitable service resources and can gain corresponding income streams. In addition, Blockcloud can verify the authenticity and effectiveness of the node service at a very low cost, thus directly solving problems associated with low computational power nodes and the high cost of security verification in edge computing. This creates a new paradigm shift that enables edge computing services to become safer and more reliable.
  4. Sharing Economy
    Blockcloud provides a completely decentralized technical system for the sharing economy. Existing platforms face a myriad of problems due to their use of excessive energy and brings significant risks to both parties involved in the sharing process. However Blockcloud rectifies these issues can can also guarantee factors such as the authenticity of credit information, the reliable and secure authorization of shared resources, and the speed of fee settlement.




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BLOC Token

BLOC token is running on the Ethereum platform.

Total supply: 10,000,000,000

The token economy was designed by our own financial advisory team after a comprehensive consideration of all the factors. Our system integrates promising aspects of existing token systems with our own unique approach in order to bring promising returns to investors, holders and users.

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