BOLT’s vision is to be the largest mobile wallet in the world, powered by content. Built on Zilliqa, our mission is to democratise the chain between content producers and users.

BOLT is run by a proven team of Digital strategists, venture builders, and media veterans, from some of the biggest companies in the world including; Facebook, Coca-Cola, Paypal, Samsung, and Twitter.

BOLT has focused their efforts in building token utility partnerships, including hardware manufacturers like Hisense in South Africa (over 6M active devices), partnering with International Cricket Council to broadcast the Cricket World Cup in June 2019, exchanging tokens for mobile data plans with Digi (part of Telenor) in Malaysia, and having an ecosystem of telco network operators around Asia and Africa with a user base of almost 80M users.

We wanted to bring great content that was informational, uplifting and localised for emerging markets. We wanted to ensure that such content would also be interactive, bandwidth friendly, and accessible on Mobile. We wanted to give people access to the content they would find meaningful, while allowing creators to get rewarded by virtue of the BOLT ecosystem expansion — without the complexities of share issuances- and provide insulation against the fluctuation in emerging market currencies. So we built BOLT as an ecosystem on the Blockchain to provide an in-ecosystem store of value which increases as utility increases. We built BOLT on a core set of values centered around transparency, collaboration, and innovation. These values drive how we work with our community and how we engage with our users. We believe that BOLT can be a win-win for creators and users to mutually unlock value by participating equally in the ecosystem- whether by contributing a news highlight from Tanzania or subtitling a Korean music video into Bahasa Indonesian.

When BOLT turned one year old in February 2019 we have already accumulated close to 4 million users from Kenya to Malaysia.


BOLT Token Ecosystem - Powered by the Binance Chain and Zilliqa.

We are delighted to share a comprehensive explanation on BOLT’s Token Ecosystem and the interoperability between the Binance Chain and Zilliqa.

BOLT’s BEP-2 issuance is focused on the strengths of the Binance Chain, including fast confirmations and as a gateway into providing liquidity on exchanges, starting with Binance DEX and Bitmax, and the ability to trade for mobile data plans by users in the BOLT Wallet.

BOLT’s ZRC-20 issuance is focused on smart contract utility, such as the payment of content creators, for users to set up their own “smart” sponsored playlists, and for sponsors to execute their own advertising/smart contract utility within the BOLT ecosystem.

Together, we will leverage the combined strengths of Zilliqa and Binance to bring the Blockchain to the masses.

Total supply: 995,000,000

The value of the BOLT Token is determined by the level of activity and the demand for its services within the ecosystem. The value of the BOLT Token is secure and tamper-proof - BOLT Tokens cannot be counterfeited or toppled by political regimes. BOLT partners get instant liquidity should they choose to exchange the BOLT Token for Bitcoin or Ethereum on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The BOLT Token is the utility token which makes the system work. Tokens are required to access services on the platform, but there are a number of ways for users to earn tokens by participating in the community. Those who publish content can earn tokens from those who view that content. Those who help the community by voting on content or participating in community based content moderation can earn tokens. Those who want to translate content into a different language will earn tokens. BOLT’s community tasks can be voted on and prioritised by the community to decide the value of tokens allocated to each task. The result is that users can choose how the platform operates for them - they can be contributors or consumers, but the super-profits currently earned by centralised social media platforms will not exist. The value exchange in the BOLT ecosystem is entirely among network participants.

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