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The BOS Network is committed to providing users with easy-to-access and easy-to-use blockchain services, providing a more user-friendly infrastructure for DApp operations, working to support richer application scenarios, and actively experimenting booms in DApp development. In addition to technical improvements, the BOS Network will also make attempts to improve in other areas. For example, in order to increase the level of participation of users in voting, estimator technology can be used to incentive accounts that meet certain predefined parameters. The incentives for BP (block producers) on the BOS Network will be adjusted according to the number of DApps on the chain, TPS, market value, liquidity and other indicators. Each BP incentive awarded is an encouragement for providing the provision of more resources for the ecology. A resolution reached by a community referendumto the ecosystem. Changes to parameters on the BOS Network will be codedalgorithmically executed as much as possible, to reduce human factors inwithin the process, keeppreserve the process on chain, and maintain fairness and transparency.
The codes of the BOS Network chain are fully contributed and maintained by the community. Each ecosystem participant can submit codes or suggestions. The related process will take reference from existing open source software projects, such as PEP (Python Enhancement Proposals). In order to encourage the development of DApps in the BOS Network, the BOS Foundation will provide Token driven low-cost resource mortgage services for DApps in the BOS Network, reduce the operating costs of DApps in the initial development stage; in addition, it will also regularly provide BOS token incentives to developers who contribute on a regular basis in order to establish a mutually reinforcing community development trend.

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BOS aims to balance the advantages and disadvantages of the BTC-like tokenomic mechanism and the current over-governance of EOS through a commercial development. At the same time, the blockchain advantages of efficiency and decentralization will be used to truly realize the commercial implementation.

BOS Toolkit
Born for DApps. Born for Usability.

  • Account red envelope
    Quick creation
    Support red envelope to create account, fast red envelope to send
  • Cloud backup
    Safe and convenient
    Support keystore multi-account cloud backup, bid farewell to complicated backup
  • Multiple account management
    Ecological wallet seamless docking
    Support multi-account import and export, BOS eco wallet can be imported into the account with one click

UEN 201919018C

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9 Raffles Place #05-02 Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619

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BOS Token

BOS token is operating on the EOS Platform.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Allocation

  1. 10% million will be used to do eco-airdrop
    5% million directly airdropped to EOS mainnet accounts
    5% million will be airdropped based on the transaction volumes of DApps and BP teams
  2. 10% million for strategic partner fund. Which will be used to invest in quality projects based on BOS and cover cost of the BOS's operations
  3. 40% million used to incentivize the ecosytem, specifically, to subsidize payments and transactions on BOS chain
  4. 20% million left for the BOS team (which will be unlocked over a 4-year period)
  5. 20% million for private sale investors. 

The annual inflation is 2%:
1% for BP rewards
0.8% for developer rewards
0.2% for governance incentives

The goal of BOS (Business Operating System) is to build an EOSIO ecosystem that supports DApps and solve real-world problems using blockchain technology. BOS also aims to function as a circulation chain for various chain coins or tokens, and as a free port in the blockchain world.

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