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ContentBox Platform aims to build a blockchain-based ecosystem for the digital content industry of tomorrow. Under ContentBox, the whole industry will gain three invaluable features: a shared content pool, a shared user pool, and a unified payout system. Unlike traditional open platforms such as the App Store or WeChat Open Platform, the ContentBox Platform is fully decentralized, autonomous, and driven by the open source community instead of an industry platform giant. ContentBox will help various web and mobile applications share digital content and user bases in more efficient ways than before, and process payments swifly without ceding control to a third party. In principle, ContentBox is designed to benefit all stakeholders in the content industry including but not limited to, creators, consumers, advertisers, distributors, and application developers. ContentBox allows them to collaborate, innovate, build, engage and transact with a new generation of digital content applications that play on fair terms within the ecosystem.

For content creators, ContentBox’s payout system will allow them to get rewards every time their content is consumed, motivating them to create more diverse and higher quality content. Top creators of the most  popular content still reap big rewards while everyone else now receives compensation in proportion to their content popularity. In addition, ContentBox will connect creators directly with their consumers by streamlining and automating business transactions without intermediaries chipping away at a creator’s revenue share. 

For consumers, they will be rewarded with tokens according to their contributions. Those contributions can be social sharing, voting or commenting on content, or reporting spam content, as long as they are beneficial and add value to the platform. They can spend their tokens on content consumption, like viewing a movie or streaming a song. If a user has a stake in the success of the platform, they will put more effort and research into curating and advocating for it, as evidenced in the rise of Bitcoin.

Advertisers also will benefit from the new ecosystem. With ContentBox, advertisers can tap into a shared advertisement statistics ledger and pay by actual advertisement viewership automated by smart contracts, instead of relying on opaque statistics reported by distributors. Since the ledger is open, they can audit and verify it and have peace of mind. This can help them to build a unified and coherent marketing strategy, instead of running paralleled campaigns on different platforms. Furthermore, they can lower spending by leveraging a token-based bounty program. For distribution platforms and social networks, they can together build a shared content and user ledger which benefits everyone by lowering the traffic acquisition cost and IP purchase cost. They can focus on improving user experience instead of competing with each other.

For application developers, they can leverage ContentBox’s blockchain-enabled token, the decentralized payment infrastructure and the identity services to build applications with a better user experience and stronger monetization ability. Overall, by opening the black box our digital content industry is today, the whole industry, including all stakeholders, can flourish with cooperation and transparency by collaboratively building a new content economy. To foster the collaboration of all stakeholders, ContentBox will introduce a new token, named BOX, which will play a key role in the ecosystem’s economy.

To enable a unified payout system, a shared content pool, and a shared user pool.

  • Box Payout
    A fast and secure blockchain to carry out multi-party contingent payments.
  • BOX Passport
    A blockchain-based identity and attribution service across multiple applications.
  • BOX Unpack
    A turn-key solution for small and medium-sized partners to set up a content platform easily and quickly.
  1. Digital Content Blockchain Platform
    Global blockchain platform for the digital content industry - 17 million users and growing
  2. The New Era for Digital Content
    A decentralized solution to outperform Netflix and YouTube pioneers
  3. Top Growth Token
    Backed by 108 of the world's top crypto funds.

Help content creators and content platforms to issue their own digital currency for free

We help content creators and content platforms without blockchain technical capability or experience to issue their own digital currency for free. We will start a new era where every internet celebrity can have their own token. Since our mainnet BOX chain is under development, we can only issue ERC20 tokens for now. You will be able to choose from other public chains including ContentBox chain in the future. We will help you along the entire token issuance process, including token generation, smart contract, HTML5 wallet API docking, mobile wallet SDK implementation, instant token payment plugins and all other technical supports.

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BOX Token

The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of the Contentbox Platform (BOX) is a major component of the ecosystem on the Contentbox Platform.

Total supply: 3,000,000,000

BOX is designed to be used solely on the platform. Before the official launch of the native blockchain on the ContentBox Platform, BOX will initially be issued as ERC-20 standard compatible digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Once the main net of BOX Payout is online and stable, the ERC20 token gets converted to the chain token on a 1-for-1 basis.

Token Allocation

25%: Pre-sale Target selected institutional investors, with locking period up to 6 months.
15%: Team Rewards for in-house R&D team and open-source contributors with a 4-year vesting period.
30%: Ecosystem Incentives. Incentivize all participants in the ecosystem, such as the creators, the audiences, the individual investors, the platform, etc.
20%: Foundation Protect the BOX token from speculative trading and fund the operations of the Foundation.
10%: Partnership Fund the bounty program and build partnership with other audio/video websites or mobile apps.

In-app Token-based Reward System
Along with the light wallet, a token-based reward system will be built into CastBox as well. The reward system serves mainly two goals:

  • to incentivize authors to create more valuable content and
  • to motivate users to curate and spread good content.

For example, if a listener finds an interesting podcast in CastBox, submits a comment, and then shares it with his friends on social networks (such as Facebook or Twitter), he will receive BOX tokens as rewards.

  • Users can also gain tokens for helping filter spams. Spamming is a challenge for every online community and results in reduced user experience if not efficiently controlled. Usually digital content platform owners solve this problem by hiring more moderators or invest in the researching and deploying of AI-based algorithms for automatically filtering spam. However, both of these approaches are costly and ineicient in practice. Through the built-in incentive system, CastBox users receive rewards for proactively flagging low-quality content.