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What is Blue Whale Foundation?

Blue Whale Foundation aims to create the earth’s most worker-centric ecosystem. We are forming the largest employment pool for business and individuals to connect autonomously in the hyperconnected community which works for all and is owned by all. Decentralised network disrupts existing centralised platforms which have monopolised public resources, exacerbated economic inequality and increased the wealth gap. Blue Whale's W.O.R.K. system is a revolutionary, sustainable cycle that fuels Sharing Economy.

Whether you are a self-employed or a owner of small business, your benefit and welfare will be covered. The transparency achieved through blockchain technology means your earnest contribution in the market will be returned to you through Blue Whale's Reward Bank. Coupled with no commission and free tools mean you no longer have to count pennies for marketing and advertising budget for your services.

Monetize Your Assets - From skills to property, rediscover undervalued assets and maximize untapped potential

Blue Whale’s Project: Shareable Asset (S.A)
Ownership can now be simplified into three immutable block representations of separate rights:

  1. Right of possession
  2. Right of Use
  3. Right of Profit

What Shareable Asset (S.A) provides?

  • Flexibility
    By embracing all asset owners and their demands wherever they are
  • Transparency
    By providing a secure platform through KYC & AML with full transparency on all transactions via blockchain
  • Efficiency
    By simplifying processes with an easy to use, blockchain-based smart contract system for everything from administrative to actual transactions

Shareable Asset: SEED SRF Energy Farm
The first case of Shareable Asset (S.A) One of the world’s first blockchain-backed asset projects.
The sustainable business showing stable growth regardless of economic cycles will continue to rise with product profitability and lack of supply relative to demand.

Upcoming Projects

  • Innovation Hub
    A platform connecting individual talents to create a community based on technology. Through connectivity, convergence and network effects we help build local communities and reinvigorate the economy for the betterment of society.
  • Smart City Platform
    Redefine the way we live, from ‘being smart’ to ‘being wise’.

Our Vision
Our vision is to help people realise their potential and build a smart and sustainable world to live in.
We are redefining the way of living from “being smart” to “being wise”.
With smart infrastructures, enterprising societies and resourceful lifestyles.


S.A - The Most Advanced Asset Sharing Platform

SPLASH - The Global Saas Payment Solution

EZ REWARD - Reward-based, Game Evaluation Application
EZ Reward is an exclusive game evaluation application for Samsung Galaxy devices, which allows users to earn token rewards via various participatory activities, including: game downloads, play time, recommendations and reviews.

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BWX Token

Blue Whale Exchange (BWX) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform.

Total supply: 64,320,000

Blue Whale exchange (BWX) is the fundamental unit of account on the Blue Whale Network and is the base token for the value of Blue Whale Point. BWX may be transferred to other users as a form of payment.

BWX can be used as following:

  • BWX can be used to make P2P payment from users to freelancers as a service fee
  • Users and freelancers receive rewards in BWX for their contribution including referral, authentication and arbitration
  • Paid-time off and other benefits will be paid by BWX.
  • BWX can be promoted to Blue Point while transfering from BWX to BP while BP can be demoted to BWX while transfering from BP to BWX