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Cloudbric’s primary mission is to revolutionize the cybersecurity market by making information security open and accessible to all users through the introduction of a new Decentralized Universal Security Platform. This AI-based cybersecurity platform will be powered by Cloudbric’s patented deep learning module known as VISION and will provide an all-inclusive suite of cybersecurity solutions, as well as the development of a new decentralized security ecosystem. Furthermore, users will be able to train the very technology that helps protect their online digital assets by contributing anonymous cyber threat logs to advance the accuracy and learning capabilities of Cloudbric’s deep learning module. For their continued security contributions, users will be rewarded through the free distribution of Cloudbric cryptocurrency (CLB) tokens directly to their user account. CLB can then be redeemed to activate Cloudbric’s suite of security services. A minimum balance of CLB tokens must be deposited or accumulated within each user account wallet in order to utilize all security services. Additionally, users may utilize CLB to gain access to exclusive offers from Cloudbric’s extensive global partnership network known as the Secure Web Alliance.

In early FY 2015, Cloudbric started as an in-house venture of Penta Security Systems, Inc., the no. 1 enterprise web security and data encryption firm in South Korea and the APAC region. Cloudbric was initially released as a cloud based Security-as-a-Service offering of Penta Security’s market leading hardware appliance Web Application Firewall (WAF) known as WAPPLES. Cloudbric quickly began to carve a strong niche market by targeting small and medium businesses, as well as general website owners, interested in utilizing an all-inclusive WAF solution. Cloudbric’s solution helped first time users become more acclimated to the idea of cybersecurity by offering an enterprise level solution that truly catered to their needs.

Establishment of Cloudbric Pte Ltd
Within two years of operations, Cloudbric experienced considerable growth through sales and user acquisitions. Some notable accomplishments include: opening 25+ international points of presence (POP) or service regions, increasing user base to 10,000 members, and establishing over 50 global partnerships with infrastructure, web hosting, and value added resellers. Cloudbric’s continued success within the small business owner niche market also garnered recognition from industry leading analyst firms, such as Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls) and Frost & Sullivan. Cloudbric was also named the ‘Best SME Security Solution’ and ‘Hot Company in Web Application Firewall’ by SC Magazine Awards Europe and Cyber Defense Magazine, respectively. In late FY 2017, fueled by Cloudbric’s market success, the core executive Cloudbric team decided to create a new company independent from Penta Security Systems, Inc. called Cloudbric Pte. Ltd. This enabled the core Cloudbric team to focus on the development of a patented AI-based deep learning technology specifically designed for Cloudbric cybersecurity. Cloudbric’s goal is to help bridge the gap between cybersecurity and artificial intelligence in order to bring the most advanced user focused suite of security solutions to the market through the launch of a reverse ICO concept in FY 2018.

Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto assets are stolen every year. Our platform will not only make the web a more secure place, but the blockchain industry itself.

The Cloudbric Universal Security Platform
Making the rapidly growing blockchain industry a safer place by making information security open and accessible to all users. The Universal Security Platform is an all-inclusive suite of ready-made cybersecurity solutions that utilizes AI and deep learning.

  • Leverage the Power of Cloudbric’s VISION
    Cloudbric’s deep learning module known as VISION (patent pending) offer intelligent threat detections aimed at various end user devices, systems, and protocols.
  • 24/7 Real-Time Protection with Cloudbric's Web Gateway
    The Cloudbric Security Application (Mobile/PC) automatically receives real-time security data, protecting you against malicious spam/phishing URLs, malware, viruses, and spyware, and scams across the internet.
  • Protect Yourself with the Largest Decentralized Threat Database
    With our existing 10K network members, 50+ global enterprise partners, and 25+ data centers, the constant data being fed to VISION makes it one of the most accurate and lowest false-positive security solutions.
  • Cryptocurrency & Digital Asset Protection
    Our Security Client also specializes in asset protection in multiple ways: protection against address switching malware, fake project website detection, and send-protection to addresses that have been flagged to scammers/hackers.

"Secure & Earn" — Earn CLB Tokens While Protecting Yourself
By utilizing any of the solutions available in The Cloudbric Universal Security Platform, you will automatically generate anonymous yet crucial threat logs learned by the attack behaviors detected by VISION, our advanced deep learning AI. For contributing data to Cloudbric's decentralized threat database and participating in its rapidly growing network, you will be rewarded CLB Tokens.

From the many contribution methods, some are effortless and can run behind the scenes while you browse the web as you would do normally. The distribution rate of CLB can be compounded, increased, or given bonus subsidies based on a variety of factors, such as the number of PC's connected, the number of email accounts being secured, and even referral programs.

Earn CLB Tokens By Contributing To Our Award Winning Cloudbric Labs
Cloudbric Labs is a free and decentralized resource community with various security tools, data analytics, and discussion forums. It provides up-to-date security information and resources to help you assess your security level. Cloudbric Labs will feature an extensive list of tools for the community. The current three security tools available today are:

  • BlackIPedia
    List of confirmed suspicious IP addresses to check their threat rating and block them in advance.
    An evaluator to see if your WAF is adequately protecting your website.
  • Threat Index
    Analyzed reports of the most recent vulnerabilities and threats. With much more to come!


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CLB Token

CLB is the name of Cloudbric’s cryptocurrency token that was built on the Ethereum platform. 

Total supply: 989,556,846

  1. Users can receive CLB tokens by contributing security information to Cloudbric's Decentralized Universal Security Platform.
  2. Tokens can be used for various purposes including discounts and purchases from Cloudbric’s extended partner network. CLB will also be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges by late 2018 for open trade and purchase. Refer to the questions on CLB tokens below for details.

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