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The Color Projectis devoted to bringing the opportunities of a decentralized platform for daily life, and not to be hindered by a bloated blockchain and monstrously high transaction fees. This is why we are building a Crypto Platform that will be equipped to deal with not only the network strain of a high transaction environment, but still maintain decentralization and innovative applications and mechanisms to keep users engaged. 

Introducing Color

Platform Color Platform is a feature-rich, efficient and productive environment for Decentralized Applications. We found answers to most of blockchain challenges that will strike the balance necessary for most use cases.

Color is a platform of decentralized app’s and contents for the people. The Color Platform is redesigning decentralized governance to enrich those who use the platform. Color endeavors to revolutionize the dApp ecosystem by developing enterprise-level dApps. At Color, we’re building a platform to host sophisticated dApps to attract users and build a community. These dApps employ human-centered design so non-technical users may adopt the platform. By removing the technical barriers to entry and making dApps easy, anyone should be able to use them.

In Summary, Color Platform can be compared with other prevailing blockchain platforms as follows (see diagram). Color Platform is a powerful new platform for the ecosystem of decentralized application of tomorrow. The cornerstones of Cloud Platform are Color Spectrum technology and Color Prism consensus algorithm.

Color Spectrum
Color Platform introduces a new paradigm of smart contracts Execute-Validate-Build block:

  • Execute: Transactions are executed in parallel. Developers use well-known and powerful languages to code their dApps - Python, Javascript, Java.
  • Validate: Block Builders check the results of transaction execution during block construction and consensus.
  • Build Block: validated transactions are saved in blocks one by one.

Transactions in Color Spectrum are executed before they are put in a block. This allows nodes to execute transactions in parallel, greatly improving throughput. In the Color Spectrum execution model, the results of executing dApp code for a transaction are explicitly agreed upon before the transaction is added to the ledger. Color Spectrum focuses on providing developers with advanced coding practices. They can develop dApps in almost any language they like, such as Python, Javascript, Java or even C.

Color Platform is more than just a platform to execute dApps. It is the core of the whole environment that makes it useful not only for developers but for end users as well. Color Ecosystem includes wallet applications, useful dApps and a central hub where users can search and connect to various dApps. Unified currency among Color dApps generates network effects.

Reward Inc
Reward Inc is a reward app where users can earn promotion Pixels through activities such as attendance, participating in advertisements and inviting friends. Users are divided into 12 ranks from intern to president based on the promotion points they’ve
earned within the app. The higher the position, the more base pay and bonuses users earn. Pixels are given out every day at GMT 6:00. These credits can then be exchanged for the Color Coins. Position changes are made in real-time according to promotion
points earned by the user. The higher the position, the more difficult to achieve the promotion points. Participation in advertisements will result in being rewarded Pixels. Users can receive Pixels by account linkage, referrals, and other methods. This system is especially favorable for social media influencers, thus, engagement with them will create a positive feedback loop into the Color Ecosystem. Reward Inc is a service with a high customer loyalty and these enthusiastic users will be able to participate actively in various dApps on the Color Platform.

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CLR Token

The Color Coin (CLR) is a platform cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum platform. CLR will be used on every dApp
across the Color Platform. The Color Coin plans to unite and create a synergy among dApps, instead of allowing disconnected dApps to slow down the platform.

Total supply: 480,000,000

Token Distribution

  • Token Generation Event: 50%
  • Bounty and Partnerships: 10%
  • Team and Advisors: 10%
  • Platform Reserve: 10%
  • Airdrop and Treasury: 20%

Token Release Over Time
Initially 400,000,000 CLR are to be released through TGE. Additional CLR will be
emitted as per the inflation rate. The additional coins will be gradually released over time. For the first 52 weeks of the platform operations weekly release rate will be 500,000 CLR. Every 52 weeks this rate will decline by 5%. The decreasing rate of 5% could be adjusted by the Color Council and/or Steering Committee in the future based on the demand and supply of Color Coins and the stability of Color network. There are four long-term channels of releasing additional locked coins:

  • 40% of weekly released coins will be used to convert donated Pixels into Color Coins in Pixel Program. For the first 52 weeks it will be 200,000 CLR per week.
  • 20% of weekly released coins will be used for Network Support to cover
    expenses of Block Builder nodes on constructing blocks from. For the first 52 weeks it will be 100,000 CLR per week.
  • 20% of weekly released coins will be transferred to Treasury. Treasury will be funding projects devoted to further development of Color Platform and Color Ecosystem.
    ● 20% of weekly released coins will be spent to support Governance. Those coins will be spent as a reward to Council Nodes for their work on community development and voting for new initiatives.