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Contentos aims to be a decentralized global ecosystem for digital content, where assets can be freely produced, authenticated, and distributed by leveraging blockchain technology and token economy. The team consists of experts from the content industry, who have worked on top-tier consumer applications and blockchain projects. Contentos is not only a blueprint for what digital content ecosystem might look like in the future but we have multiple working use cases: Contentos is working with strategic partners, LiveMe and Cheetah Mobile, that have amassed over 60+ million monthly active users. With real-time user feedback, Contentos will become a premier blockchain project as it places the interest of users first.

The most popular figure of Contentos is Mick (Chang-Chieh) Tsai, Co-Founder, Contentos Foundation ( ) Mick has over 15 years software industry working experience, and is currently leading the Contentos foundation. With over 600 million potential global users and over 100,000 global creators, Contentos project aims to leverage blockchain technology to re-define the value of content for global creators. Before Contentos, Mick served as Sr. Product Director at LiveMe, the premier, and at Clean Master as Product Director in Cheetah Mobile and Sr. Development Manager in Trend Micro.

Contentos Foundation Ltd

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COS Token

COS is the native token of the Contentos system which are ERC-20 standard tokens based on the Ethereum protocol.

Total supply: 10,000,000,000

The ecological reward, which constitutes 35% of the total COS token supply, will gradually be released across 12 years. The total COS token supply will remain constant during this 12-year period. Only after the ecological reward has been released completely can BP vote to issue extra tokens, if required by ecosystem development needs then.

To quickly establish the ecosystem during the initial stage and encourage early user adoption, COS tokens will be used to kickstart the ecosystem and reward the contributions made by content creators and users. These include 

  • Kick-start reward strategy
  • Contentos incentive system
  • Content creation rewards
  • Activity rewards
  • Community operating rewards

COS is currently trading on Binance | Bithumb Global