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The main idea behind Crypto-One-Stop-Solution (COSS) upon inception was providing a stable ground for the flourishing of the cryptocurrency industry supported by the massive user adoption of the crypto among the ordinary people. We wanted to bring together the people, such as customers, merchants, service providers, startups and businesses with different needs and resources that they can exchange, to interact with each other for the mutual benefit.

We realized that a particular cryptocurrency alone has very little chances to survive and outperform the existing leaders. Designed by and for the techy people, most of the cryptocurrencies never make it to market cap charts, because they have a very vague idea of who their user is. Little do they know about the requirements of an average person who decides to use cryptocurrency. With the idea of COSS in mind, we wanted to create a dynamic ecosystem, in which everyone can benefit from the competition and everyone can win. We wanted to melt together simplicity and convenience. Now as the foundational layer of COSS is finished, we are welcoming those who want to co-create it with us.

COSS aims to take the usability of the cryptocurrencies to the next level: we all started as crypto-enthusiasts and waited long hours before a transaction, exchange, withdrawal, purchase (you name it) were completed. We switched between all of those websites with a limited functionality to accomplish such simple tasks as dropping some e-cash to your wallet. We got tired of filling in countless registration forms, which make the entire process of using cryptocurrency very cumbersome. We've had enough, and we designed a platform, on which every functionality associated with cryptocurrencies can be presented and can be accessed with a single account.

We are happy to invite you in this quest for better user experience in the world of crypto and fiat currencies. We consider both means of exchange, crypto and fiat, equally important, that's why we preserved them both on our platform. We hope that you will take a great advantage of its features as an individual customer, a merchant or a business. With the help of our customers we can improve the quality of the online payment services tremendously, and set a new standard of how these services should be catered.

The core functionality of the COSS platform consists of the three major counterparts: a wallet, an exchange and a merchant platform supporting multiple crypto and fiat currencies. However, with the rapid development of the industry we foresee that after some time these features will not be sufficient, so we will infinitely modernize the platform and invite people from all walks of life for collaboration. Without limitations, every ordinary user account can have an infinite number of merchant accounts, which allow him/her to sell goods and services on the COSS platform for VEROS (VRS) cryptocurrency. On the exchange we are currently supporting BTC, VRS and ETH, and USD, EUR, SGD, with more crypto and fiat currencies to be added in the future. With the expansion of the cryptocurrency market more and more businesses will get on the board. On the COSS platform there's a place for everyone.

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COS Token

COSS (COS) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the Ethereum platform.

Total supply: 200,000,000

COS token generates an entire cryptocurrency portfolio to its holders derived from fees within the COSS system when cryptocurrency transactions take place.COS token holders are rewarded with payouts in all cryptocurrencies supported at for utilizing the platform and the exchange.Paying the trading fees with COS will earn you a 25% discount on the trading fees. COS used as fees will be included in the FSA on COSS.IO

COS is only trading on COSS.IO