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We will enrich our lives by converting the power of “time” to “value”.

“Changing Time into the Value!”

Time is given equally to all people by God. We want to make our time valuable rather than spending it wastefully.
Time Innovation is born based on a scheme with unwavering resolve.

Time Innovation will provide “value” or points to people who visited the specific place by using their “time”, helping the area to be more active. We also think that we can enrich our lives by utilizing “time” and contribute to support for reconstruction of the disaster-affected areas and increase of visitors. Time Innovation hope to contribute to the progress of human beings by changing the power of “time” to “value” by doing what we can do. For us, success is not to obtain wealth and fame. It means to make full use of our lives. Time Innovation will be launched with infinite possibilities by controlling limited “time”. We must thoroughly utilize our only one-time life! - Time Innovation Pte Ltd CEO ~ Yuki Sawada

Have you ever felt that you spent your time wastefully? Whether you spend your time meaningfully or wastefully depends on your will. Our company hopes to enrich our lives by changing the limited time to visible value. This is our vision.

The key of implementation and success of our Time Economic Zone concept is applicability to different business field as follows:

  • Food service industry
  • Transport industry
  • Department stores and Shopping malls
  • Entertainment industry

About ChronoPoints

  1. The affiliated shops purchase the ChronoPoint, which are provided to users and the Beacon will be installed by those affiliated shops. The users, who have installed the smartphone app by the time they visit those affiliated shops, can get the ChronoPoint by staying at the shops. The smartphone records one’s actions, delivering a statistic record of a market information.
  2. The users can use the ChronoPoint at the affiliated shops once it is accumulated at the storage of each smartphone. The users can also receive some coupons for discount or free services of some sort from those  shops and enjoy various services, which in the end is a highly attractive service itself. At the same time, the shops can convert their ChronoPoint, that they obtain from their service users, into Time Innovation.
  3. The shops release the event information to the users’ smartphone app and induce them to visit their shops again. The smartphone app collects the records of users’ actions for the affiliated shops. Time Innovation earns revenues from the information. Based on that information, they can strategically plan some practical campaigns such as a Double ChronoPoint.

Application (APP)

Application defines all software we install onto our OS. We use applications when we use smartphones or computers to complete tasks. Time Innovation will create a system that will provide users with a variety of services on a smartphone application.

  • Points given
    Using the application - We issue points to users.
  • Action Information Management
    We accumulate action history in database and analyze consumer's taste
  • Wallet
    Perfect wallet that keeps points and tokens.
  • Personal Identification
    By strengthening personal authentication and password, we also
    improve security aspects.
  • Advertisement
    Deliver recommended advertisements from personal consumption

*ChronoPoint is a service that adds value in the form of giving ChronoPoints for the time when the user was active, mainly for time spent in shops or dining. Once ChronoPoints have been accumulated, they can be exchanged for products or used in different stores.

The usual route for purchasing ChronoPoints is that they are purchased by companies that require ChronoPoints the usage of ChronoPoints, other than distribution at the time of the ICO, it is a cycle whereby affiliated companies give them to users and users consume the ChronoPoints at affiliated companies. ChronoPoints adopt the concept of "expiry if one year has elapsed since the last use" that is used by most other point-issuing companies, but in a first for the industry, at Time Innovation we use a mechanism to redistribute these ChronoPoints according to the proportion of ChronoCoins owned.

UEN 201823863D

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CRN Token

ChronoCoin (CRN) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the NEO platform.

Total supply: 5,680,000,000

Token Distribution

Presale: 39%
ICO Sale:  4%
Board of Adviso: 6%
Bounty Referrals Community Building: 10%
System & Company Reserve: 41%