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An Analytics-Driven App Store for Decentralized Apps

Discover, Use and Analyze Decentralized Apps in the World’s Largest Dapp Store

Dapp.com aims to be the go-to destination for dapps. We provide tools and trusted information for developers and users who want to explore the potential of blockchain and decentralized technology. We are building an ecosystem formed by various product lines, which removes the obstacles to dapp adoption. Dapp.com empower users to discover, use and analyze decentralized apps in the easiest way possible.

Dapp.com is the world’s largest dapp distribution platform. Dapp.com lists over 2,200 dapps that are built on seven major blockchains: Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Steem, TomoChain, IOST and Blockstack.

Our platform showcases dapps based on trusted dapp data analytics, community reviews and user comments. We are the first global platform to launch IOST, TomoChain and Blockstack dapps exclusively. We work closely with over 50 of the best decentralized apps in the world, including CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, Bancor, Kyber Network, OpenSea and more - as well as publicly listed companies, such as Animoca Brands.
Dapp.com also has the largest decentralized app community in the world. We have 150,000+ monthly unique visits from all over the world; over 100,000 registered users; and over 100,000 followers across our social media channels. Our community and users have generated over 5,000 unique reviews and valuable comments for dapps. The quarterly Dapp Market Reports released by Dapp.com have been read by over 350,000 readers, and covered and reported on by top tech and financial media, such as TechCrunch, Yahoo, TNW, Cointelegraph and more. As the top search result for ‘dapp’ and related keywords on Google, Dapp.com is the obvious starting point for users and tech companies to explore, experience and analyze decentralized apps.

Dapp.com’s vision will be realized by developing the following core products and tools:

Dapp Store Wallet
The Dapp.com Store Wallet is a tool that leads users to the decentralized world by removing barriers: it allows users to use any dapps without having to install any tools. Wallet accounts from different blockchains are set up and managed by the master Dapp.com account for every user. Users will only need to transfer tokens to the Dapp Store Wallet to start using all dapps immediately. The Dapp Store Wallet will also support on-chain token swap and cross-chain token exchange in the near future. Our desktop and mobile products will allow users to use dapps anywhere, anytime. The Dapp Store Wallet is also very developer-friendly. Only one line of code needs to be replaced for a dapp to support the Dapp Store Wallet - and it is compatible with every existing wallet on the market.

Multi-Blockchain Identity Network (MIN)
Dapp.com is committed to being the gateway to the decentralized world. The Multi-chain Identity Network will play a key role in removing the barriers to using dapps for everyone - by creating and managing wallets from multiple blockchains with just one click. We are able to map a single-set mnemonic phrase to different private keys from different wallets by integrating the functions of private key generation, wallet creation and faucets into one button, utilizing BIP39 protocol. Users will be able to manage multiple customized wallet accounts without any cost, using one single account. This will create free and instant access to decentralized apps for our users.

Market Intelligence
Every day, our data center processes huge amounts of data from seven blockchains simultaneously and in real time - and showcase the results to our users. Dapp.com will provide a full analysis of the whole market for everyone to visualize the crypto world in multiple dimensions.

Dapp Analytics
Our Dapp Analytics Tool will empower developers to understand and measure the performance of their decentralized apps by providing unique data insights including customer behavior and trends that can’t be found anywhere else. Developers can leverage this dapp data from across the whole blockchain space to understand user acquisition, activation and retention. These functions will be associated with their Dapp.com developer account without any technical integration.

Cross-Chain Dapp SDK
Currently, if developers want to build dapps on different blockchains, they have to learn and use different toolkits for each. Usually, from the planning stage, developers will have to choose one blockchain, which puts huge limitations on the scalability of the app in the future. We will change this: giving developers the easy ability to extend their deployed dapps to multiple blockchains, or migrate them to certain Dapp.com supported blockchains, based on their business needs. The Cross-Chain Dapp SDK is a multi-blockchain development toolkit that enables cross-blockchain dapp development. We offer tools to enable dapp accessibility on all kinds of browsers. For already-built dapps, developers can integrate the SDK without changing any of their original business logic code. The wallet account system uses the AES symmetric encryption algorithm to ensure the privacy and security of account information. The payment management function will allow developers to customize token contracts for payment and provide specific APIs that make it easy for developers
to use any tokens in their dapps. At the same time, we will evaluate the opportunity for cross-chain asset deployment and exchanges according to market needs - and consider whether Dapp.com will fulfill this demand by utilizing the Cosmos SDK.

UEN 201839739M

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The Dapp Token, or DAPPT, is an ERC-20 standard token issued on the Ethereum blockchain by Dapp.com. DAPPT is a utility token that circulates within Dapp.com's ecosystem. DAPPT will initially exist as a liquid asset in our product and services. DAPPT also plays a significant role in providing incentives to support the ecosystem and community expansion.

Total supply: 5,000,000,000 (fixed, no future minting)

Token Distribution

  • Token Sale: 15%
    Token to accredited investors and institutions
  • Angel Investors and Strategic Investors: 15%
    Token to angel investors and strategic investors
  • Advisors: 5%
    Token to influential individuals or institutions who help the project expand
  • Founding Team 15%
    Token to founding team
  • Community and Ecosystem Expansion: 15%
    User reward and exchange for valuable resources for ecosystem expansion
  • Foundation Reserve: 25% For long term operation
  • Dapp Incubation Fund: 10% Dapp incubation

DAPPT Function and Value

  1. Service Fees
    DAPPT can be used to pay for the platform’s service fees. Users will receive a discount when using DAPPT tokens for payment within our platform.
  2. Community Voting
    Dapp projects will get free promotion by being voted for with DAPPT.
  3. LaunchPad and Dapp Store
    Dapps will be able to launch on the Dapp.com LaunchPad and Store by staking DAPPT.
  4. Use Dapps
    Users can use DAPPT in partnered projects.
  5. Cross-Chain Asset Deployment
    Users will be paying DAPPT as gas fees when they deploy crypto assets on multiple blockchains using our tool.

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