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DeepBrain Chain's vision is to provide a low-cost, private, flexible, secure, and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform for AI products. AI Computing Net is a core function in DeepBrain Chain R&D team’s development. It is a trading platform that consolidates computing resources and carries out matchmaking for computing power provider and computing power requester. The demand side can find suitable GPU power supplier in the AI Computing Net according to their training needs, then pay the supplier DBC token to acquire the usage rights. Computing power providers can download software installation package on DeepBrain Chain official website, deploy nodes onto DeepBrain Chain AI Computing Net and offer their idle GPU computing power to the entire network.

DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized neural based network that is focused on privacy and low-cost transactions. Few things that DeepBrain Chain focuses on are:

  • Low Cost: The DeepBrain Chain system saves an enterprise of around 705 computing power costs. 
  • Security: The insulated environment of the data transaction is secured with the smart contracts and encryption algorithms.
  • Privacy protection: It separates the ownership of data from usage of data by using smart contracts.
  • Flexible Computing: The DeepBrain chain has an active provision of computing power based on demands.

Top advantages of DBC

  • Top Scientists: The platform was awarded the first position amongst various enterprises competing for SMP2017, the Chinese man-machine dialogue evaluation. More than thirty best Chinese AI enterprises joined the competition for the same. 
  • Model Innovation: World’s very first AI computing platform that is also powered by Blockchain is DepBrai Chain. It also holds to have the two most revolutionary important technologies things in the 21st century, AI, and Blockchain.

DBC Development

  • The DeepBrain Chain was launched in April 2017.
  • The entire DBC team is based in Shanghai and holds full experts in technology and AI with various members who are the holders of Ph.D. The team is very much competent in the fields of AI and technology.
  • Feng He, CEO, DBC, presided over the development of world’s first AI speaker box and beat the Amazon Echo in the market by just 6 months.
  • The DeepBrain Chain recently announced its partnership with Singularity NET in June 2018. The companies decided to launch a platform which will grant public access to the AI algorithms. Both the companies are looking forward to building and supporting a decentralized AI framework. Singularity and DBC are combining their computing power and resources, permitting the users to access information, algorithms, and data on both the platforms, which will further result in a joint marketplace.
  • The ultimate goal of DBC is to build a sustainable, long-term decentralized software network filled with human developers and AI agents.

DBChain Foundation Ltd

22 North Canal Road #02-22, Singapore 048834

Official website: https://dbc.team

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DBC Token

DeepBrain Chain (DBC) is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the NEO platform. Our token, DBC, is traded via smart contracts based on NEO. We use a hybrid consensus mechanism combining DPOS with POI. DeepBrain Chain is also a secure data trading platform which, by separating data ownership from data usage, maximizes the value of data while ensuring data privacy.

Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Using blockchain technology, we have developed a decentralized, low-cost and privacy-protecting AI computing platform with a full range of related products and services. DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized neural network. Countless nodes across the world will supply computational power to AI companies and receive DBC as rewards.70% of the DBC will be paid by the system and AI companies only need to pay 30%.

DBC is currently trading on Huobi Global & Kucoin