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DUO Network is a Singapore-based blockchain project initiated by FinBook Pte Ltd in 2017. We aim to reduce risks and barriers of digital derivatives trading inherited from traditional financial markets, creating a transparent and autonomous derivative marketplace. We all came from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in trading, consulting, blockchain, information technology, and entrepreneurship.


DUO DEX is a decentralized platform based on 0x protocol enabling issuance, trading, and settlement of tokenized digital derivatives –Collateralized Autonomous Token (CAT), including products such as dual-class tokens, options, and structured products.

We aim to reduce risks and barriers in traditional derivative trading and create a transparent and autonomous derivative marketplace.

Collateralized Autonomous Token
Fully collateralized by crypto assets and each custodian smart contract issues 2 types of CATs with different payoff structures.

  • Create
    CATs can be created by depositing crypto assets to the custodian smart contract. Upon receiving the crypto assets, the contract will return to the sender 2 types of CATs with different payoff structures, which total value equals to the deposited assets.
  • Redeem
    Holders of CATs can withdraw deposited crypto assets at any time by performing a redemption. To do this, users will send 2 types of CATs at predetermined ratio to the custodian smart contract and receive the crypto assets with the same net value

Tokenized options make it much easier for even an ordinary investor to exploit opportunities across the volatility surfaces through long/short combinations of calls and puts. Based on our split mechanism, we can create a Call Option CAT and a Covered Call Option CAT by depositing call currency to custodian smart contract. 
Further utilizing the collateral recycling framework, investors can get Call Option CAT & Call Spread CAT, Knock-in Option CAT & Knock-out Option CAT, and Call Option CAT & Binary Option CAT.

Elite members of DUO Network that are currently in Singapore or previously based in Singapore:

  1. Crypto Markets team is headed by Jerry Li. Jerry graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with Highest Distinction in Quantitative Finance.
  2. Tech Engineering team is directly led by CTO, Yizhou Cao. Yizhou graduated from NUS with Highest Distinction in Quantitative Finance and Statistics. His thesis formulated a comprehensive model in stochastic control framework for strategic transmission of costly information problem in a continuous time setting.
  3. Steven KOU - Questrom Professor in Management at Boston University
    Professor Kou is the Director of Risk Management Institute and the Class of 62 Chair Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS).
  4. Min DAI - Professor at National University of Singapore & Director of Center of Quantitative Finance 
    Professor Dai is the Director of Center of Quantitative Finance and Deputy Director of Risk Management
    Institute at the National University of Singapore (NUS)
  5. Xi LI - Head of LD Capital Singapore
    Li Xi holds a master degree from National University of Singapore in Computer Engineering. Prior to LD Capital, Mr. Li worked as a senior software engineer at Visa. He is highly experienced in value-driven blockchain investment.

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DUO Token

The DUO Network Token is an ERC-20 token with limited supply. The design of DUO Network requires a token which value is implicitly linked to the growth and adoption of the Network.

Total supply: 100,000,000

DUO Network Token functions as a medium of exchange among network participants, smart contracts, and the DUO community as a whole.

Token Allocation

For Sale: 22%
Community & Ecosystem Incentive: 28%
Long-term Operation Reserve: 25%
Team Incentive: 20%
Advisors & Compliance: 5%

Community Rewards
The Network provides its participants with an incentive scheme similar to mining on blockchains. Instead of recording transactions on blockchain, the Network recognizes conversion arbitraging, which helps stabilizing
the token prices, as the mining operation. In addition to arbitrage profits, the Network rewards participating users with DUO Tokens.

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