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The full name of DVP is the Decentralized Vulnerability Platform and it is the first decentralized vulnerability platform in the world. The DVP community is a decentralized autonomous organization, which is responsible for the vulnerability identification from multi-dimensions and comprehensive. At the same time, it acts as the core bridge between the white hats and the blockchain projects to provide an efficient and transparent blockchain security information platform, which will help improve the overall security awareness and build a better blockchain ecology. The DVP community will provide some public welfare services, in which the white hats can help the blockchain projects identify the security vulnerabilities and deliver them to DVP. As rewards, the white hat will by paid the corresponding bounty. By this model, it will lead to the achievement of win-win virtuous circle for both the blockchain projects and the white hats.

Core value

Because of the sensitivity and potential risk of vulnerabilities, the DVP community must follow the principles of rigorous, objective and neutral. The DVP community is obligated to disclose vulnerabilities in all dimensions and protect the legitimate rights for the white hats, the blockchain projects and users. Any participant in the platform, including the white hats, the registered blockchain projects and the DVP community operation team, should understand clearly the starting point and the final goal of the vulnerability identification, which should be implemented in both lower system design and daily maintenance, and should strengthen the corresponding vulnerability warning and emergency response mechanism.

Because the vulnerability will inevitably lead to stakeholders’ competition and conflict, the DVP Community should only act as a neutral and objective role. Any fund or team introduced during construction and operation should be emphasized the necessity of neutrality and objectivity, and the stakeholder should not be introduced. Furthermore, the operation of the DVP community should be transparent to all, which is align with the spirit of blockchain technology.

The DVP community is owned by two security teams

  1. BCSEC’s core founding team is from the Baimaohui Security Research Institute and working with more than 20,000 white hats. BCSEC owns the industry's largest vulnerability platform and is focusing on the cutting-edge vulnerabilities and related security information of blockchain to provide the leading security solutions. At present, there has been profound accumulation of research on digital wallets, exchanges, mining pools and smart contracts, which can be used to provide early warning for the operation of blockchain communities and the continuous technical support for blockchain security ecology.
  2. PeckShield is a blockchain security company which aims to elevate the security, privacy, and usability of entire blockchain ecosystem by offering top-notch, industry-leading services and products. The company was founded by forward-looking, passionate entrepreneurs and veteran researchers, with a strong desire to improve state-of-the-art security of large-scale systems. With a recent focus on blockchains, PeckShield publishes trending reports and provides services and products to identify hidden vulnerabilities (e.g., in smart contracts and consensus protocols), expose zero-day exploits, and defend against emerging threats.

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DVP Token

DVP token now is an ERC-20 token issued on Ethereum.
*The ideal mode of DVP is using its own public chain technology to store all the tokens directly on the blockchain to form an incentive network.

Total supply: 5,000,000,000

Token Allocation

  • Community and Ecosystem: 40%
    Used to support the operation and contribution of DVP community and ecosystem
  • Core Teams: 20%
    Used to support and motivate core teams
  • Private Institutions: 15%
    DVP will not raise funds publicly. It may select professional private institutions to raise funds globally.
  • Strategic Partners: 10%
    Used to motivate external business partners to actively participate in the construction and development of DVP ecosystem.
  • DVP Vision Fund: 15%
    Used to invest DVP eco-projects.

Use of DVP

  • DVP will be rewarded to core participants of DVP in the form of vulnerability mining, node incentives and community governance incentives.
  • Vulnerability mining
    “Vulnerability discovery is mining”, white hats who made contribution would get a certain reward.
  • Node incentives
    Governance nodes consists of vendors with security capabilities. Normal nodes consist of ecological co-builder can participate in network maintenance and management through staking to get a certain reward of DVP token.
  • Community governance incentives
    All kinds of community participants can get a part of reward of DVP token by making contribution to community, which forms a good governance structure.
  • Other uses
    Other used for DVP ecological development and expansion, such as DVP related technology, product development, brand building and market promoting, etc.

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