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EtherZero (ETZ) is a new generation of smart contract platform (public chain) initiated by a group of professional and technical geeks. Its team members come from different countries in the world, and EtherZero Foundation is registered in Singapore. To better serve the DAPP developers and users, whether it is developing DAPP on the EtherZero platform, deploying smart contracts, or for users to use, it is all zero fee. EtherZero uses the MPOS mechanism, and realizes the TPS of 1400+ in terms of transmission rate. At present, we are trying to realize the infinite TPS through the transformation of the fragmentation technology. Furthermore, the application of the masternode enables the instant transfer function of EtherZero.

The Features of ETHERZERO Network

  • MPOS structure of the Blockchain
  • Operating on the Masternode
  • The Autonomous Community management system
  • Zero TX fee which meet the requirement of DAPP’S operation, development and operation
  • Fast and instant payment very suitable for trading scene.

Etherzero Community Foundation Pte Ltd
Etherzero Foundation Pte Ltd
Etherzero Venture Pte Ltd

152 Beach Road #14-02 Gateway East, Singapore 189721

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ETZ Utility Token

EtherZero or abbreviated as ETZ. In order to better serve DAPP developers and users, whether it is developing DAPP on the EtherZero chain, deploying smart contracts or user’s service, are all TX fee. In terms of transmission rate, EtherZero uses MPOS structure, enabling TPS to reach tens of thousands of levels. The application of MasterNode enables EtherZero to achieve instant transmission function.

Total supply: 207,140,824

Initially issued with total of 194 million, of which 97 million are distributed as 1-2 equals to the Ethereum holder after the fork. The remaining 97 million ETZ is distributed for private placement of early investors, EtherZero Foundation, EtherZero Post Development and Eco Development. Block reward will add approximately 12 million ETZ per year, with 75% of each block output for the masternode and 25% for the community autonomy budget.

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