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Everex is a Singapore registered financial technology company, with head office in Bangkok, Thailand, that provides Ethereum blockchain-powered solutions for cross-border money transfers, direct payments and fiat to digital asset swaps using stablecoins. Although there are different types of stablecoins, we are only focusing on fiat pegged digital currencies that represent units of national currencies, such as USD or EUR that are powered by smart contract and exist in Ethereum blockchain token format. Everex was a second company in the world after Tether (USDT) to introduce a second fiat pegged stable coin THBEX in 2016, representing Thai Baht.

Using stablecoins in financial services allows to achieve much faster settlement times, usually in a few seconds, with very low transaction cost regardless of the transferred amounts. We implement Ethereum blockchain technology as a new rails for faster and cheaper money transfers to challenge existing legacy payment systems and also to address growing global financial inclusion problem.

Everex also offers expertise and services in developing smart contracts for fiat pegged stablecoins to support digital currency initiatives of commercial and central banks. Unlike traditional tokens used for ICOs, stablecoin smart contracts must adhere to a very difficult levels of governance and internal administration. Our own developed Thai Baht digital fiat currency token caters to individuals and SMEs in the South Asian region who send money and payments to neighboring countries.

With Everex, users will not only be able to save on exchange and withdrawal fees but also gain access to digital asset markets through the Everex platform. This will open up a whole new level of opportunities in the application of digital assets made available for payment and investment.

Our Achievements:

  • Approval from the US regulator to conduct cross-border transfers with cryptocurrencies
  • Approval from the US regulator to conduct fiat-crypto exchange
  • Approval from Central Bank of Thailand to conduct cross-border remittance services between Thailand and Myanmar.
  • Partnership with Krungthai bank, Thailand
  • Partnership with as Shwe (Rural and Urban Development) Bank, Myanmar.

EVX Holdings Pte Ltd

8 Burn Road #15-13 Trivex Singapore 369977

Official website: https://everex.io

Everex.Cash Wallet
Online Wallet
available on iOS and Android

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Other Product
Our own version of Ethereum blockchain explorer

Is an independent, open-source, Ethereum-based smart contract (DApp), providing irreplaceable blockchain URLs or “aeon links”, permanent proof of existence for documents, and a public text-messaging service

Stablecoin Smart Contracts
Everex develops smart contracts in order to legitimately digitize fiat currencies on the blockchain to be recognized by any blockchain wallet. This allow users to operate and manage transactions for domestic and international transfers, merchant payments and other financial services.

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EVX Token

EVX is the utility token of the Everex ecosystem, and should not be confused with the Everex Stablecoin solution. The Everex Stablecoin solution represents selected national currencies on the Ethereum blockchain and allows Everex users to hold and transact in Fiat currency at the speed of the blockchain.

Total supply: 25,000,000

EVX is the Everex platform token which is a key component of our system and serves as an enabler for system services. EVX serves three main objectives:

  1. It is the internal Everex service fee currency.
  2. The token is the fuel of an internal reward system of the Everex micro lending eco-system.
  3. It connects and enables the conversion between fiat currencies and selected cryptocurrencies via the Everex wallet service.

The primary use of EVX as a utility token is to serve as an internal accounting unit for all Everex services. All occurring fees, such as transaction fees for payments, currency conversion fees, withdrawal fees and loan interest fees are payed and collected in EVX. Hence, users are required to own EVX tokens to use Everex services.

EVX is currently being traded on Binance, Huobi, HitBTC and many other major exchanges.