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What is FinNexus?
FinNexus is the new open finance protocol being built on the Wanchain blockchain. It is a hub for connecting different decentralized ledgers to each other and users, and also for connecting with traditional finance applications. The first iteration of FinNexus will be a marketplace for hybrid decentralized/traditional financial products.

FinNexus Objectives And Definition
In the crypto economy, there exist a number of different connectivity needs. The need for connectivity between assets and blockchains, between users and blockchains, and between different service providers and their users. Currently these connections are ad hoc, unsystematic, and highly inconvenient. Instead, the connections should be unified, user-friendly, and generalizable. FinNexus is a general protocol aiming at providing those connections.

Here ‘connection’ refers not only to technological connections, but also business connections. Therefore, FinNexus is not just a technological protocol, but also a business protocol. Moreover, FinNexus is not just one protocol, but in fact a collection of multiple protocols which together compose the FinNexus ecosystem.

By connecting to FinNexus:

  1. It will be easier for participants to look for, manage and acquire blockchainbased assets. (Connection between users and blockchains)
  2. It will be easier for asset owners to conveniently offer on-chain assets. (Connection between assets and blockchains)
  3. It will be easier for OTC platforms, brokers and exchanges to find users and provide them services. (Connection among service providers and their users)
  4. All the participants above can use FinNexus in an open, transparent and equal way, so as to fulfill the requirements of diversity, convenience and value.


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FinNexus Forms Strategic Partnership With Band Protocol To Power DeFi DApps, Tokenized Real-World Assets & Decentralized Options

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FNX Token

The native digital cryptographically-secured utility token of FinNexus built on the Wanchain platform.

Total supply: 500,000,000

FinNexus Token (FNX) is a transferable representation of attributed functions specified in the protocol/code of FinNexus, designed to play a major role in the functioning of the ecosystem on FinNexus, and intended to be used solely as the primary utility token on the platform.
FNX is a non-refundable functional utility token which will be used as the medium of exchange between participants on FinNexus as the platform currency for payment for the use of its suite of protocol clusters.

In order to use FinNexus, users must pay fees. The fees are discounted if users use FNX to pay.

  • 50% of the fees collected are used for FinNexus operations
  • 25% are used to incentivize ecosystem
  • 25% are used to contribute to the buffer fund.

25% of the fees collected are used to incentivize ecosystem participants, including parties involved in asset trading and community developers. 
The role of incentives is to attract more participants to FinNexus, and to encourage developers to build develop different types of DeFi protocols and applications for different scenarios on FinNexus.