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Fusion Foundation Ltd is a non-government organization based in Singapore. It is a non-profit organization building the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance. By empowering companies and developers with the open source technology they need to build innovative financial applications, Fusion facilitates a world of increased financial efficiency, accessibility and transparency. Our team consists of experts in technology, business, and finance are located in Fusion’s offices that are strategically located in the most influential cities shaping the future of blockchain technology and finance.

We have prepared FUSION for the cryptofinancial era! FUSION will connect various values by establishing a layer of control management on top of various tokens through a distributed management of the tokens’ private keys and by providing ports both for central organizations and for external datasources and in this way solve the key problem of insufficiency in interoperability of the current Internet of Values.
FUSION is inclusive. It integrates the cryptocurrencies that exist today and that will exit in the future connecting centralized and decentralized organizations, accommodating authentication mechanisms and anonymous trading mechanisms and introducing on-chain data and off-chain data. FUSION is restructuring. It redefines the way in which value is transferred and the relationship between participants, and it transforms values in time and in space in a way reflecting the essence of finance, and implements financial functions in a unique way that will cause some of the existing financial products to disappear. FUSION is highly scalable. In the form of a virtual machine, it Turing-completely provides the infinite reverie space for cryptofinance across different tokens in the future, creating possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

Fusion Network
The Fusion protocol is the perfect technology environment to build a new forward-thinking application or cost-saving solution for your business. On Fusion, any and all digital assets become interlinked and are able to freely interact, fostering seamless integration with other businesses and technical systems.

Blockchain development is easy on Fusion, with a rich set of Finance focused APIs drastically reducing the requirement to program complex smart contracts - More connected, easier to build, unique finance focused feature set.

    Fusion's cutting-edge DCRM technology ensures that Fusion is the most connected ecosystem in the cryptocurrency landscape.
    Building on Fusion is easy with its rich set of native APIs that remove the reliance on programming complex smart contracts.
    By combining Fusion's unique feature set, users can easily extract time-value from their digital assets.
    Fusion makes it simple to recreate time-based financial transactions on the blockchain with it's revolutionary time-lock feature.

Proof of Stake
Fusion uses a custom built consensus engine known as Ticketed Proof of Stake (TPoS) to validate and secure transactions on its decentralized network. Any person with a home computer can participate in making the network stronger and safer by setting up a node and earning FSN rewards.

Decentralized Interoperability
Fusion's cutting-edge DCRM (Distributed Control Rights Management System) technology achieves unprecedented interconnectivity between blockchains and traditional systems. Fusion opens up a new world of access, any digital asset can be integrated with Fusion's ecosystem and achieve unrestricted compatibility.


UEN 201800406R

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FSN Token

FSN was initially built on the Ethereum platform. Portion of FSN have been migrated to the Binance chain and named FSN-E14.

Total supply: 81,920,000

FSN tokens are an integral part of the public chain ecosystem. It is like lubricant for mechanical devices, blood for life systems, and is the incentive mechanism for the economic system of a public chain. It is the token-based consensus mechanism that brings community members together to achieve a virtuous circle of blockchain ecosystems.

Token Distribution

10%: Distributed to the core team in phases to motivate and attact more elites to join
10%: Angel support funds
10%: Community Development - Support strategic cooperation with blockchain communities and centralized organizations.
10%: Token sale for ETH to selected participants to acquire other tokens to fund project development
25%: Token sale for ETH to voluntary participants for the foundation to foster ecological development
5%: Reserved for foundation to decide its specific use in future
30%: Use to motivate the proof of work and the proof of stake

Token usage as follows:

  • project creators - tokens are the necessary rewards for them and the motivation for continued participation in the future
  • users - tokens are passports
  • holder - tokens are tickets to the future
  • developers - tokens let them become supporters
  • bookkeeping nodes - tokens are their hard-earned compensation

All those who hold tokens can have the above multiple identities. They are closely related to the public chain projects and become users, promoters, developers, holders and so on to grow with the project ecology, creating a great career of the inclusive cryptofinance platform and its applications.

Purchase FSN from the following Exchanges: Hotbit | Binance DEX | Bibox | Huobi Global | BitMax | OKEx