GDC (Global Digital Content) | Cryptocurrency In Singapore

GDC is aimed at expanding its use to global digital contents. To this end, we are developing our own services and expanding our partnerships. Without limiting ourselves to the existing game service, we are constantly expanding categories of offering and improving usability, accessibility and scalability.

GDC is intending to expand its scope of use to various fields including gaming, entertainment, media contents, finance, sports and e-sports. In the field of gaming we are expanding our cooperation as game money with blockchain-based games like the existing game service, while also partnering with a digital media company as a payment method for digital products. We are also making necessary preparations to issue a multi-lateral stable coin based on GDC and other cryptocurrencies. Direct development and affiliation activities are being carried out to prepare various business directions including media contents, celebrity tokenization, and gift cards for the purchase of sports/e-sports-
related products.

Game, Mobile and Gift Card products within the KEEN WALLET

Rankingball is a casual fantasy sports game offered as a service mainly in the North America. We have digitized real-time events in sports/e-Sports according to their frequency and significance to create a new scoring system that was then combined with an existing Fantasy Sport and Bingo game. We aggregated real-time events occurring during actual competitions into a real-time data feed that was used to operate the game. This system demonstrates outstanding scalability and can be applied almost to any existing individual or team sports/e-sports. In the past 4 years, we have successfully completed the beta testing of the game on traditional sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, American football, cricket and golf, as well as major e-Sports like LOL, PUBG and CS:GO. Service combined with tokens is currently provided via and Non-tokenized service is available at, Google Play and App Store.

Our partner Celebeco provides a platform for trading global celeb popularity and brand value. Two platforms are provided. The first one is the CEL Market using CEL (points) to operate the Celeb Index showing the popularity/interest generated by the celebrity. It is a fan-driven platform offering a market offering celeb-fan interaction where fans can sell and buy celeb popularity calculated in index for fun. Secondly, there is an ECO Market where the key currency ECO token or other major tokens (BTC, ETH, etc.) can be traded with Celeb Tokens, utility tokens issued in direct collaboration with celebrities. We are planning to promote GDC as Celebeco‘s key currency. Celebeco is a market for trading based on the real value of Celeb Tokens while creating real celebrity-related use case as the token is issued by the celebrities.

And many more..


  • Apply GDC on KEEN Wallet
  • ArenaCast Beta
  • Listed on Bithumb Global


  • Apply GDC on games and gaming platforms
  • Upgrade Rankingball Platform with Streaming Service


  • ArenaCast Official
  • Celebeco Beta Launch
  • Partnerships with eSports/Sports for streaming
  • GST stable coin platform beta


  • Partnership with media
  • Improve ArenaCast
  • Extend partnerships with Digital Commerce



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GDC Token

GDC is a utility token built on the Ethereum platform

Total Supply 4,765,815,836

GDC token will be used as a payment method in the digital content ecosystem, formed through direct development and partnerships with affiliated companies. We apply the token model to blockchain-related business and traditional business alike. In addition to using it as a payment instrument, we have also designed rewards for continuous use. Rewards will be specified in the policy for each project.

Token Allocation

  • 50% will be available to participants (Sales) – DONE
  • 30% will remain in the marketing reserve for user growth, internal and external loyalty program, bounty, and etc
  • 10% will be distributed among business partners
  • 10% will be distributed among founding team and dev team members (2-year vesting) 

All collected funds shall be received and stored on wallets with multi-signature