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GoWithMi is building the world’s first complete decentralized location-based services (DLBS) infrastructure. It aims to provide a complete trusted geospatial value exchange service for large-scale commerce from data, computing, personal terminal to commercial ecological, and making value flows multidimensional, safer and smarter, complement the last key component of the blockchain to empower the real economy application.

GoWithMi's geospatial consensus ecological network consists of geospatial consensus data production, spatial computing power network, self-organizing geospatial asset node, and business application sharing support platform. Integrated DLBS, super oracle, and consensus map platform, based on the algorithm consensus to motivate participation and achieve benefit for everyone, cross-chain supports all blockchain platforms, one-stop support for all applications that retrieval location-based services, enables offline business to leap into the new era of programmable business, and enters an on chain and off chain Turing's complete self-circulation business ecology.

GoWithMi Objectives

• In the next two years, GoWithMi will become the world's largest basic location-based service platform for the global blockchain, with services covering 70% of the world.

• In the next two years, DAU will exceed 10 million, making it a true killer application in the Blockchain world.

• In the next three years, the ecological GMV will total more than 100 billion US dollars.

GOWITHMI Technology Pte Ltd

12 Marina Boulevard, #17-01FZL, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore 018982

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GoWithMi’s List of Ongoing Activities 📑

📌 50,000GMAT Giving Away! Come and Join The GoWithMi Bounty Campaign!

GMAT Token

As of now, there will be two different GoWithMi (GMAT) tokens.

  • GMAT-FC8 (BEP2 token) built on Binance Chain 
  • GMAT ERC-20 

Total supply: 14,900,000,000

Function of GMAT Tokens

  1. ERC-20 tokens (liquidity) will be used for liquidity purchased through exchanges. GMAT ERC-20 tokens are currently available and traded on exchanges such as, BIG ONE, and more.
  2. BEP2 tokens (liquidity) will be used for liquidity purchased through the Binance DEX.
  3. Native tokens (utility) will be available after the launch of mainnet) GMAT native token will mainly be used for all ecological scenarios, for example, incentives, stake, dAPI Gas price, vote, node campaigns, etc. And it can also be used for spatial data node (GoZone) governance.) 

Benefits of GMAT in the GoWithMi Application

  1. Serves as a payment tool among GoWithMi users for sharing personal data and sharing digital map data
  2. Tokens can be used as collateral to obtain digital land certificates in the GoWithMi network
  3. Can be used as an exchange certificate for all services in the GoWithMi ecosystem
  4. GMAT holders can participate in the maintenance and governance of GoWithMi space assets and determine their income distribution
  5. GMAT owners can participate in the governance of the GoWithMi network community

GMAT has been listed on Binance Dex