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Genaro Network is a global blockchain ecosystem development project based in Singapore. Genaro has pioneered the concept of Blockchain 3.0, a platform built around the first Turing complete public chain with an integrated decentralized storage network. Blockchain developers will have a one-stop solution to deploy advanced smart contracts and store data simultaneously. The technological ecosystem will contribute to blockchain infrastructure development by establishing common standards for decentralized applications. To support the growth of the ecosystem, Genaro Network will open and operate a series of realworld hubs, with an internal token-based economic model including an in-house accelerator program, in places such as Singapore, Shanghai, and the Greater Bay Area. This combination of blockchain storage infrastructure, decentralized application standards, and a global network of hubs and accelerators will enable the incubation of hundreds, and then thousands, of decentralized applications built on the Genaro Network, becoming the first app store of the blockchain. Genaro is part of the revolution to move from "Cloud" to “Blockchain!" Genaro believes that only when a blockchain can access and analyze big data in the real world can decentralized applications
be as useful as Internet applications.

The Genaro Network is a new public blockchain platform based on peer-to-peer encryption and sharing. The platform aims to realize highly efficient node management on the public chain based on PoS (Proof of Stake) and SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability). The vision of Genaro is to establish a new medium of distributed and encrypted storage, and to enable each user to use and share data, and to establish abundant distributed applications (DApps) on the blockchain and provide stable support for these.

Compared with other public chains, Genaro has the following advantages:

  1. Genaro modified the use of file sentinels to better suit distributed systems through the combination of PoS and SPoR, thus enhancing the ability to defend against replay attacks;
  2. in the design of chain-style PoS, Genaro studied famous PoS methods such as Casper (CFFG, CTFG),Tendermint, and Ouroboros, analyzed the major ways of attacking PoS and proposed relevant schemes; and
  3. in terms of management structure, Genaro combines the proof of data integrity and PoS, and provides effective methods of defense against potential problems in PoS. In addition, in terms of the data structure in the public chain, Genaro has developed the GSIOP protocol in line with up-to-date methods of storage encryption, so as to settle different layers of data usage. Finally, in terms of adding data, Genaro has also added relevant VM order sets.

Genaro public chain combines peer-to-peer encrypted storage. The original intention of the design is to allow data to be shared after encryption, giving users different data rights, and ultimately allowing a rich ecosystem of decentralized applications (DApps) to be built on the public chain. As of now, most DApps are centered around transactions in the trading market, gambling, and gaming.


  • Genaro Public Chain
    The Genaro Network is the first smart data ecosystem with a Dual-Strata Architecture, integrating a public blockchain with decentralized storage. The Genaro Public Chain has 7 unique competitive advantages, including: Design of a Sustainable Consensus Algorithm, Construction of a Peer-to-Peer Data Sharing Network, Scalability (incl. high TPS) Compatible with Security, Establishment of Smart Data Channels that are connected to the Real World, Construction of Blockchain-powered Peer-to-Peer Storage Network, and Design of the Sustainable Token Model and On-Chain Governance Mechanism. Establishment of Smart Data Channels that are connected to the Real World, Construction of Blockchain-powered Peer-to-Peer Storage Network, Sustainable Token Model Design and On-Chain Governance Mechanism Design.

Download G-BOX to Get All Genaro DApps. G-Box is a blockchain-based online data storage, data sharing, data interaction, digital assets and space management platform developed by Genaro Network. G-Box: your trusted Smart Data Client where DApps can be used without difficulty.

  • Genaro Wallet - Multi-functional Smart Digital Wallet
  • Genaro Eden - Your Safe, Private and Decentralized Storage Cloud Exclusive Encrypted File Sharing
  • Genaro Sharer - Share Space to Become A Network Node. Run Miner to Join The Committee
  • G-Email - VEDI (Verfiable Encrypted Data Interaction) System. Encrypted emails can be shared via wallet address or domain

The following companies are official partners of the Genaro Network:

  • Fenbushi Capital
  • BTC Media
  • Bitcoin Magazine
  • Cybex
  • Blockchain Investment Club
  • Gesellberg Cryptofinance
  • Primas
  • Zilliqa
  • U Network
  • Delphy

Genaro Limited

8 Burn Road #15-13 Trivex, Singapore 369977

Official website:

Genaro Wallet
Genaro Eden
Genaro Sharer

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GNX Token

The Genaro Network is a robust storage blockchain utilizing ERC-20 standard tokens called GNX. The GNX token is the oxygen that powers the brain and heart of the Genaro Network. 

Total supply: 650,000,000

GNX is used by the storage platform as a way to compensate and pay for leasing space, but GNX is going to be scalable across all of the DAPPs on the Genaro Network, allowing people and organizations to use them in multiple places and creating a parallel economy. Of course, some DAPPs will use their own tokens, and that is fine as well, but we will create convertibility mechanisms to allow GNX to be exchanged for other tokens and vice-versa. Moreover, of course, there will be a way to get GNX to or from fiat currency, but the primary use of GNX should be within the Genaro ecosystem.

The GNX token is not a securities token. Therefore it does not offer any dividends or profits, nor voting rights. We do not want the token used for speculative purposes. The main purpose of the GNX token is a medium of exchange within the Genaro Network. As such, we define it as a utility token. Using GNX tokens, individuals will be able to utilize services, both those of the blockchain, (such as storing their data or accessing applications), as well as to utilize the Hub’s internal services which will include: food and beverages, lodging, and other forms of sharing economy interactions with other Hub members.

How to earn GNX tokens?

There will be several ways of acquiring GNX. First, members of the community at large (which includes both individuals and organizations), can work individually or together with others to earn tokens in exchange for volunteering to take on work that needs doing. This can include both technical work, such as contributing to the Genaro Network development (e.g., “bug hunting” and other rewards), as well as operational work (e.g., helping to run the various aspects of the Hub).
Other methods of gaining tokens will include trading for them with other useful tokens, trading real-world durable objects needed by the Hub and its community (e.g., equipment), and nondurable goods (e.g., a farmer trading their produce or a t-shirt maker trading clothing). Also, GNX will be granted to individuals and organizations as “seeding” to foster the development of the community.

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