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AnimalGo is a reward-type pet community application created by the AnimalGo team of Moon Labs Pte Ltd. With the mobile app, you can communicate and relate to pet lovers Users will communicate through images and postings about their pets and receive various rewards depending on their community contributions. We have added technical factors such as looking at the bloodline of pets and predicting their health conditions by analyzing their defecation using deep learning technology. In April 2019, we launched the MVP (Minimum Functional Implementation Product) in the market. We will do our best to become the No.1 pet community application that will interact with, empathize and share pet-related useful information.

AnimalGo is a reward-type pet community application that allows you to communicate and exchange information among your partners. It creates a warm social network among people of similar interests so that they can communicate closely and share information freely. It also introduces location-based technology to support local community activities and help users meet naturally on trails or parks. Users can access the community anytime, anywhere via mobile apps or PC browsers. Users can upload their pet photos and create postings. The more people respond to posts, the more valuable they are. This valuable information will be reimbursed via the GO Point (GOP).

AnimalGo combines fun elements to encourage voluntary uploading and posting of photos. Using deep learning technology, it provides pedigree analysis and defecation analysis, recognizes images of dogs and cats, and provides pedigree information. In addition, the defecation analysis analyzes the bowel color, texture and distribution of the companion animal to analyze the overall health condition. AnimalGo wants to expand its service gradually with the pet community as its primary axis. Pet insurance, pet sales, pet TV, pet animal hospital, pet food delivery, pet health products, pet wearables, pet funeral service, animal hospital information, pet care connection service, pet shopping mall and more will all be future option for growth. In these AnimalGo ecosystems, users can cash in on Go Point (GOP), a reward they have accumulated from their activities. Alternatively, GOPs can be exchanged for GoMoney crypto currency to be sold on the exchange. AnimalGo is targeting the One Stop/All in One service application pet. We will start the service in Korea, but gradually expand it to a global service.

AnimalGo Market – Pet Shopping Mall
With GOP, app users can pay for GOP at AnimalGo Market, a pet shopping mall. AnimalGo Project Team is One Team completed to prepare for this project. Experts in each field have created blockchain + artificial intelligence based on the efforts of the past few years. This is a compensatory social network service for pets and their partners. Our team plans to continue to focus on long-term project management and expansion.
Ready for AnimalGo Ecosystem services with smart applications to adapt to changing environments We will try to create a culture where we can make our pets closer to our lives and love them more. In a spirit of challenge, of professional know-how, of passion of startup, based on investor confidence, We will make AnimalGo the best global pet application beyond Korea.

UEN 201912129E

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GOM Token

GoMoney (GOM) is an ERC20 token operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

Total supply: 9,957,057,368

Token Distribution

20%: Sale
10%: Project team with 5% (6 months lock-up after listing) and 5% one year lock-up
5%: Advisor
5%: Marketing
50%: GOP exchange pool (for ecosystem configuration)
10%: Storage (reserve)

There are 3 types of token values in the AnimalGo Ecosystems 

  1. GOP (GoPoint) and
  2. GoMoneyToken (GOM) operated by blockchain.
  3. Go Experience (GEX), an indicator of the contribution within the platform.
  • GOP(GoPoint): GOP is convertible to GOM and can be acquired through community activities (writing, good/thinking, etc.) and represents an animal and platform contribution. GOP is used as an influence indicator for the community, and GOP acquired or purchased can be used as a means of payment in the Deepmall on the AnimalGo platform. If the GOP holder wants to tokenize, he or she can switch to GOM after a reward period.
  • GOM(GoMoney): The bear is a means to purchase the GOP (Go point) required for community activities and can exchange the GOPs acquired through the activity for cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency can be traded between individuals through the market exchange. 
  • GEX(Go Experience): GEX serves as a measure of platform participants' community contributions. GEX can only be acquired through pure community activity, not because it is exchanged for GOM or because it is exchanged between And it's not reduced by consuming GOP. Therefore, GEX can be used as an indicator of how active users have been in the community.