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Hyper Speed Network (HSN) is the world's first Public Chain + 5G Application value eco- network. The mission of HSN is to utilize blockchain with network security and build trust mechanism for connected terminals under the 5G architecture. Realizes value eco network with high throughput and concurrency, low latency and power consumption that able to support multi- source information interconnection and exchange, as well as diversified asset registration, exchange, interaction, and flow of the coming digital age. Discovering interconnection of all things, establishing a data world on blockchain, and promoting the new information-driven economy. As the basic public chain of the 5G digital economy, HSN aims to make complex application scenarios network- enabled by using blockchain, so as to assist the industrial development in the 5G age. After the mainnet launch, HSN will be widely used in cloud VR/AR, Smart Security, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Smart City, Smart Manufacturing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), SD -WAN + NAS, Mesh products, edge computing modules, and other applications of the 5G environment.

Started in Sep 2018, HSN describes itself as “Global leader in 5G+Blockchain”. The foundation is based in Singapore, and has established Hyper Speed Network Labs in BVI. HSN maintains good cooperation with global partners and subsidiaries in London, Netherlands, Russia, German, Switzerland, India, Columbia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. 

Application Solutions

Video Streaming
5G technology provides the basis for ultra high definition video Under the 5G architecture, HSN can support the following video scenarios:

  • Face key point recognition
  • Accurate and efficient image analysis
  • Revitalize idle video storage resources
  • Protect video live original copyright

5G supports direct communication between devices and builds a D2D (Device-to-Device) network. As a result, all kinds of IoT applications will be rapidly popularized. The first one is the “killer” applications — the Internet of Vehicles. HSN has unique advantages in big data management, security, transparency, and P2P transactions, which enables collaboration on equipment for autopilots, unmanned vehicles, and in other IoV fields.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined WAN) is a popular network solution for inter-enterprise, enterprise-branch, and home applications. Through SD-WAN + NAS (Network Attached Storage) under the 5G architecture, corporate and family users can use the hyper fusion technology to provide services together. SD-WAN implements 5G data stream encryption and flow control in the application layer; and NAS is introduced to the HSN network for storage sharing and backup.

Wireless Mesh Products
Wireless Mesh is an important wireless networking technology in 5G. It is applied for continuous wide-area coverage and ultra-dense network scenarios. It establishes a fast and effective wireless transmission network between base stations, improves the coordination ability and efficiency between base stations, and reduces the delay of data transmission and signaling interaction between base stations.

Edge Computing
HSN network conforms to the edge computing architecture. It can make full use of the node’s computing power, is about to meet the docking requirements for IoT computing and storage devices, and improves timeliness of the perception-computation-response process in the IoT. Among the IoT applications, many scenarios require low-latency response, which makes cloud computing unprofitable. But HSN’s edge computing model provides a new solution.


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HSN Token

HSN token was built based on Ethereum. HSN aims to support lockchain applications in complex 5G scenarios.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Distribution

  • Seed Round: 5%
  • Team: 10%
  • Advisors: 5%
  • Foundation: 25%
  • Angel Wheel: 15%
  • Node Rewards: 40%

HSN token will play a vital role. It represents the following main values of HSN:

  1. Value carrier: when each application scenario is introduced or used directly, it consumes a certain amount of HSN or application’s own tokens exchanged for HSN at a certain rate. With the gradual development of application scenarios, HSN will be used and consumed more and more; and its value will grow.
  2. Object of transactions : like on EOS, every transaction on HSN has no transaction fees. Its DApps also need HSN as collateral and a purchase resource. HSN supports smart contracts which interact with each other through atomic swaps.
  3. Incentive mechanism: with its active incentive plan, HSN encourages users to perform verification transactions actively in the system, create blocks, and generate positive feedback through economic means, so as to promote the steadfast development of
    the system. Token will be the incentive for the community’s continuous contribution to the system.