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INFINITUS is a blockchain-based storage application that allows users to encrypt and store a variety of alphanumeric data on a decentralized network. The user data is securely stored on a peer-to-peer network (IPFS) which also ensures that it is only accessible to the designated recipient upon a predetermined inactivity trigger.

INF is a Decentralised Application (DApp). The INF mobile app acts as an interface between the user and the backend blockchain technology. The INF mobile app may be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store from June 2018 onwards. The user sets up the “Smart Designation Repository” with INF Token acting as a “key”. User then defines a pre-set inactivity period based on the INF mobile app for example, 30days or 90-days. When the INF mobile app recognize an inactivity, the INF Ethereum Smart Contract is triggered, and the private data will be automatically gathered and transfer it back to the named designated receiver. Once the private data is entered onto the INF platform, the data will be fragmented, replicated, encrypted, and distributed across the decentralized network via FSDLT Peer-to-Peer Protocol. The decentralized network of nodes are made up of organizations or individuals that are using INF's repository services. Files stored are encrypted with AES1024- a military grade, a state-of-the-art encryption program. The INF Ethereum Smart Contract and FSDHT network are linked by the AURA blockchain infrastructure which also conduct the verification of pre-set inactivity through the mobile app. The risk of single point failure is eliminated with local encryption and fragmentation of data with FSDLT, over the decentralized network. Each network node contains only bits of the fragmented and encrypted data which does not carry any significance on its own. This ensures the security of information and data on the INF network.

Functional To Use
The INF mobile app is a simple, user friendly and accessible dApp that is available on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Set up your INF dVault in 3 simple steps on the mobile phone.

  1. Key in your private data
  2. Input your data retrieval preference:
    Option 1 - Hardware Delivery by Code Trigger
    Option 2 - Electronic Delivery by Time Trigger (eg. Email, Wechat, Whatsapp, SMS)
  3. Scan the Infinitus Magic Card for Code Trigger or Set the countdown timer for Time Trigger.
    1 INF Token can set up 1 INF dVault (1MB).

There is no limit to the number of vaults a user can set up on the INF mobile app.

Effortless To Earn
Infinitus app introduces a new “mobile mining” concept for INF Rewards.

Download the INF app to become an INF Network Node. Every app will be given a unique 16 digit network node number which entitles the user to monthly INF Rewards Tokens. There are different types of monthly rewards campaigns and incentives for our users. Hence every INF users can “earn” INF Tokens through the app simply just by having the app on the phone. Early adopters “earn” more reward tokens and get the most advantage! Find out more about INF Rewards on the app today.

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INF Token

INF Token is an ERC20 token generated through the Ethereum Smart Contract System. Each INF Token has the same value and functionality. INF Tokens are non-minable, nondivisible and non-cumulative.

Total supply: 100,000,000

Token Distribution

  • 45%: Sold to private purchasers during Token Pre-Sale
  • 30%: Sold during the Token ICO Crowd Sale
  • 10%: For Mobile App Freemium Native Token for use
  • 10%: Allocated to founders, team and advisors
  • 5%: For early marketing (including airdrops and bounty programs)

Allocation of Funds

  • 19%: Allocated for operations, administration, financial and legal consultancy
  • 10%: Allocated to Infinitus and our advisors for research and development, strategic planning and project support
  • 24%: Allocated for infrastructure development, tech support, function and security enhancement
  • 47%: Use for online marketing campaign (pre & post ICO), seminars and public relations events and community building activities.

The Infinitus Token (INF) is intended for the use and functions of INF mobile app, INF platform and its peer- to peer network.

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