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Kucoin Shares (KCS) is founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts who had proved themselves in industry giants like Ant Financial and GF Securities, Kucoin aims at providing users digital asset transaction and exchange services which are even more safe and convenient, integrating premium assets worldwide, and constructing state of the art transaction platform.

The founding team of Kucoin Blockchain Asset Exchange Platform has carried out in-depth research on blockchain technology as early as in 2011 and achieved the technical architecture of Kucoin exchange platform in 2013.

The Kucoin team has officially entered the blockchain asset trading service platform in 2017 with the most reliable and extended technical architecture, superior service and better operation strategies to better serve blockchain asset transaction.

Kucoin is now one of the fastest growing crypto currency exchanges in the world. Nicknamed the "People's Exchange"​ Kucoin is easy to use for novice investors, and in depth enough for crypto enthusiasts. They have a wide range of alt coins on the exchange and are adding new ones regularly. The exchange is quick to identify up and coming coins with the best blockchain technology applications. Their ability to choose tokens that users are interested in has shot them to Unicorn Status faster than any other company in history at just 3 1/2 months as a start up reaching the 1 billion in value.

Phoenixfin Pte Ltd 

2 Science Park Drive #01-03, ASCENT, Singapore 118222

Official website: https://www.kucoin.com/

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KCS Token

Kucoin Shares (KCS) is an exchange based token and native currency of the Kucoin crypto exchange. KCS  was built on the Ethereum platform.

Total supply: 177,801,051

Holders of the token are able to reap the rewards from the success of the exchange as 50% of its overall trading fee revenue is shared with holders through the tokens. Rewards, received in the form of dividends, are proportionate to the amount of Kucoin Shares one holds. 

Buy KCS using Credit/Debit Card  (Worldwide) - Low Fee