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Ladder Network is the first cross-chain “Blockchain as a Service” network in the Web 3.0 era, based on Substrate &Polka, applied cloud computing and edge computing technology. It takes blockchain and cross-chain as a cloud service output, supports numerous business scenarios and chain-updated data, and comes up with the basis of solutions in blockchain industries. Ladder as a cornerstone of the cross-Chain field in the Web 3.0 Era, will focus on building an open,collaborative platform to break through the values and achieve the global value connectivity in order to provide convenient service for the global enterprises and individuals, and bring more equal opportunities to the world. Now Ladder has got the investment from JRR Crypto, Imagination Fund,Hello Capital,True Way Capital, Bitblock Capital and other institutions.


Ladder Network Foundation Ltd 

60 Paya Lebar Road Singapore 409051

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Project Introduction:
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Polkadot & Ladder Network & Huobi Labs — the “Cross-chain Forum: Across China” successfully completed Hangzhou meetup

Project Development:
Ladder Network Weekly Report(7.1–7.15)



LAD Token

The Ladder Network (LAD) is an open cross-chain BaaS platform based on Substrate, Polkadot ecology, cloud computing and edge computing technology. Since we launched in April, LAD has attracted the attention of many blockchain enthusiasts and its influence is continuing to grow with the help of the community volunteers.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Total number of foundations: 100 million, accounting for 10%.
Total number of ecological construction: 150 million, accounting for 15%.
Total of 500 million pools are reserved, accounting for 50%, projected to be used for LAD-NPoS node stimulation and mining machine ecology.
Total of 150 million exchanges, accounting for 15% and is exchanged by early institutions, cooperative public chains and exchanges.

There will not be any team or fund token going to the market until by September 1, 2020.