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LINKA will make blockchain services available to more than 90% of the public who have no knowledge and experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies so they can use blockchain services with current familiar payment methods, and through this approach, they will naturally be able to acquire and familiarize with cryptocurrencies so that cryptocurrencies can be used in everyday life as if they were using a credit card.
LINKA intends to realize this with the Value Gateway (VG) platform. The difference between the VG and the existing payment companies and payment gateways (PG) is that the VG provides borderless interusability through exchanging values between the traditional payment methods and the decentralized method of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the VG plays a role as a platform to facilitate the circulation process of value, such as acquisition, exchange, use and reward of cryptocurrencies, and to create and distribute new value. The LINKA VG is a value link platform that makes it easy for anyone to use cryptocurrencies and blockchain services in their daily lives without knowledge of cryptocurrency. We believe that everything in the world has value when it is in its own place. In other words, if something has no value, it means that it hasn’t found its place and that is because it’s not the fact that they are not worthy means that they have not found their place, which is not being circulated seamlessly. With the development of the blockchain technology, we can now make anything a digital asset and distribute it on a trusted network with smart contracts. In order for certain things to be distributed, they must be interconnected without a barrier. It should be possible to connect them without restrictions between the centralized world and the decentralized world, and among different decentralization networks.

LINKA strives to solve that interconnection problem first. The value of such connection is not even predictable. The achievement is entirely the responsibility of the participants. A companion in the journey where all things in the world are constantly finding their value! LINKA will be the simplest and most convenient way to extend each other to the world of unlimited value. LINK All with linkable Value Gateway!

Add Value to Daily Life with Blockchain
We help people to acquire, exchange, use, and increase their daily value through blockchain.

Meet LINKA's various value services.


Simply use DApp with your credit card.
It is too difficult to pay for DApp with only cryptocurrencies. Easily pay for DApp by your familiar credit card. Combined payments using membership points, cryptocurrencies, and credit cards are also available.

LINKA Wallet, which is more convenient and secure.

  • Email Transfer
    Are you still using a complicated wallet address? By simply entering your email address, you can make a real-time transfer.
  • Withdrawal
    Withdrawal of cryptocurrencies to other wallet is convenient and secure.
  • Exchange
    It’s fast and easy to trade cryptocurrencies.
    You don’t need to go to other exchanges.
  • Deposit
    Need to receive cryptocurrency?
    Just use LINKA Wallet. It’s so convenient

RewardValue Swap Service

Get reward in a variety of ways and use it as cash.
Participating in the event such as airdrop will give you LINKA points as a reward,
and you can pay for various services and products with LINKA points and cryptocurrencies.

Decentralized marketplace where various digital values can be distributed securely.
It uses blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of products, and supports secure transactions
by using smart contract for payments, ownership transfers and settlements.
Trade in various goods and services safely and conveniently.

UEN 201815049C

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The LINKA Token (LINKA) which is the foundation of the LINKA ecosystem is an ERC20 compatible token.

Total supply: 2,000,000,000

LINKA is used for payment, rewards, platform fees, and collateral asset for credit on the VG platform, and the supply is limited to 2 billion. On the other hand, the LINKA Point is a payment method used within the LINKA platform with equivalent value of legal currencies. LINKA Tokens and LINKA Points will connect the inside and outside of the LINKA platform, facilitating continuous value circulation and ecosystem expansion.

Token Allocation

  • 30%: For a private sale
  • 30%: Reserved for rewards,
  • 20%: Early investors,
  • 10%: Strategic partners and early contributors
  • 10%: LINKA Team