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Measurable Foundation Ltd, a public company limited by guarantee registered in Singapore, and approved and registered by Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). The Measurable foundation is meant to develop and promote the MDT ecosystem and will dedicate its resources in Research, Development and Governance. MDT Token is currently built and operated by the MailTime team, which is hired by Measurable Foundation to develop the ecosystem in the early stage. MailTime is a YCombinator company backed by top VCs and Angels from Silicon Valley and China.

MDT is a blockchain-built decentralized data exchange ecosystem that rewards users for sharing your data. After you opt in, MDT will anonymise, aggregate and sell your data to data buyers, and you will get rewarded with $MDT. Basically, MDT allows you to regain control over your data and make money for sharing it with one click.
MDT will also provide a transparent and efficient marketplace for data buyers and data providers. $MDT will function as the currency in the ecosystem. Data buyers make a payment with $MDT, while users, data providers and data agencies get $MDT as rewards.

What does MDT mean to you?
MDT's Consumer Oriented Product: MyMDT is your data wallet where you can securely manage your anonymous data as profitable digital assets. You can control what to share and whom to share with. Every time your data is used, you will get rewarded.

  1. Do Less
    Access your MDT right from the MyMDT App. You can manage your data with a couple of clicks on your phone. No extra efforts are needed.
  2. Earn More
    Start earning by doing what you already do. The more value your data generates, the more you earn.
  3. Secure All
    We only deal with aggregated anonymous data, which means no personal, identifiable data will be shared. Your privacy is under our protection.

What does MDT mean to your business?
MDT's Business Oriented Product: Measurable AI is your data powerhouse that provides accurate, real-time and actionable consumer insights, built with blockchain technology.

  1. Real-time Data
    Measurable AI collects over 20 billion anonymous data points from actual online shoppers all over the world.
  2. Actionable Insights
    You can set up your own data panel to answer your specific questions on the SKU level.
  3. Security and Traceability
    Thanks to the blockchain technology, all data transactions are both traceable and anonymously stored on the blockchain.

Measurable Foundation Ltd

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Measurable Data Token (MDT) is implemented on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. 

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Budget Allocation:

  • MDT team - 40%
  • Computation - 20%
  • Administration - 10%
  • Marketing - 25%
  • Contingency - 5%

MDT is more like utility tokens than crypto assets. You will be able to purchase exclusive services with MDT in the ecosystem. we introduce a brand new incentive program. It is similar to a loyalty program for any brand, but the “credits” here are MDT. Any third party companies can integrate with the program, set up tasks, and encourage their consumers to finish them. Those who accomplish the tasks can get MDT as rewards.

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