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CoinMeet is building a blockchain ecosystem focusing on digital assets, digital identity and digital socializing. CoinMeet is wallet, ID, social tool, transaction medium, and the value router in the era of digital economy. Based on the long-term technical research and market operation experience of CoinMeet team, we hope to integrate payment, transfer, entertainment activities, social network and other actions into application through CoinMeet products, connect and activate all digital asset, guarantee users' communication, asset, transaction, identity, and other parts about security private in one-stop manner. CoinMeet combines blockchain, mobile internet, biometric identification and machine learning and provides revolutionary and distributed digital financial service for people all around the world. They can join in the digital asset network no matter what their background, place and income are. The products and main chain of CoinMeet even can help some developing countries to build a new generation of financial infrastructure in the future. CoinMeet aims to serve the future "encrypted digital economic society", and digital economic society= digital assets +digital identity+ digital socializing. Within the next one year, CoinMeet expects to get more than two million users from this area, and activates one hundred billion dollars digital assets.



  • Multi-asset light wallet
    Through a wallet of CoinMeet, you can manage, transfer and pay for a variety of digital assets. CoinMeet serves more digital assets and users through the democratization of the online currency.
  • Digital asset distribution community
    CoinMeet users can freely communicate and join groups, and influential users can create their own theme groups, establish their own digital asset distribution channels through red envelope transfer, reward digital currency, and digital currency.
  • Private chat
    CoinMeet uses end-to-end encryption technology to enjoy secure encryption protection when sending messages to friends. Any third party can't get chat information, and CoinMeet provides privacy assistance such as burn-in, screen capture notifications.
  • Blockchain passport
    CoinMeet uses artificial intelligence technology to identify biometrics such as fingerprints, faces, and sounds. As a user's tag, it is stored in the blockchain. Users do not need to provide information such as passports, driver's licenses, and ID cards, and identity authentication can still be achieved. Blockchain-based identity authentication will evolve into a pass for the blockchain world.

Technical characteristics

  • End-to-end encryption
    CoinMeet implements encrypted communication of end-to-end messages through technologies such as cryptography, which protects the privacy and anti-theft of customer communication information, enabling our users to communicate in a secure network communication environment.
  • Biometrics
    CoinMeet uses biometric technology to collect biometric data such as fingerprints, voiceprints and facials through optical, acoustic and pressure sensors, and is closely integrated with artificial intelligence technology. Under the combination and application of the two technologies, the system does not need to know the user's passport. With the identity card and other information, you can verify the identity of the user with zero knowledge.
  • Mobile LBS
    CoinMeet provides a large number of localized, scened, and socialized services through location-based geographic information technology to enable mobile Internet functions such as treasure hunt, dating, over-the-counter transactions, and consumer payments.
  • Cross-chain technology
    CoinMeet's innovation in the underlying blockchain technology enables cross-chain transactions of digital assets, allowing users to freely convert multiple digital assets through a specific CoinMeet address.

The CoinMeet foundation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "foundation"), which is the operational entity in Singapore, is dedicated to the construction and promotion of CoinMeet. CoinMeet launches the essence that team highly recognizes distributed self-organizational construction of blockchain, at the same time, absorbs the key elements of traditional company's governance structure, improves the efficient implementation of CoinMeet development and promotion strategy, and avoids the condition that does not accord with the blockchain design concept. All the operations of the foundation comply with local laws and regulations, and regulatory requirements. After the foundation is established, it is necessary to select the appropriate community members to join the functional committee of foundation and commonly participate in the actual management and decision-making.

UEN 201733118G

9 Temasek Boulevard #04-02 Suntec Tower Two, Singapore 038989

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MEET Token

CoinMeet (MEET) is a cryptocurrency token launched in 2018 and operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

Total supply: 400,000,000

Token Usage

  • Asset listing fee
    The product will be periodically added some highquality digital assets, and will take the certain listing fee from the asset promotion team.
  • Transfer service fee
    Users will need to pay platform a certain amount of service charge when make transaction or transfer for assets.
  • Advanced function activation fee
    The product has lots of advanced functions, including increase the limit of the number of opening groups, initiate entertainment games in group, etc., which need to pay.
  • Recreational game service fee
    The product will be added some games and recreational activities which will charge some service fee from users.
  • Other incomes
    Other incomes obtained from the output of various resources.