Meet One

The MEET.ONE team has accumulated rich industry and technical experience in dApp smart contract development, wallet development, and BP deployment. The MEET.ONE sidechain is designed to extend the EOS ecosystem, reduce EOS usage thresholds and costs, and enable sidechain dApps to access primary network resources.

The MEET.ONE wallet was released on June, 2018. And has already become the largest EOS wallet, by number of users. Support all the features of EOS.IO. Sidechain users can manage their account assets through the MEET.ONE Wallet APP, and in the Wallet App Center they can go to all MEET.ONE sidechain-based dApps. dApp teams based on the sidechain can reach sidechain users through the MEET.ONE wallet.

MEET.ONE Wallet App allows supporting several public blockchains such as EOS, Binance, MEET.ONE and Cosmos, with almost complete management of their accounts, such as managing assets, trading, accessing dApps, reading news and so on. Trading on BinanceDEX can now be done via Meet.One App Wallet.

MEETONE FOUNDATION PTE. LTD - 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #03-21 Premier @ KAKI BUKIT Singapore 415875


MEET.ONE is a cryptocurrency token and operates on the EOS platform. MEET.ONE Chain is designed to facilitate the liquidity of everyone’s values, lower the threshold and cost of access to EOSIO layer. Meanwhile, MEET.ONE Chain is committed to make a joint effort with Block Producers and developers, aiming to promote the development of trustworthy Internet and utilize blockchain technology to empower Internet.