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MEXC focus on creation and invention of life-saving products that offer innovative solutions to many emergency cases that require fast and intensive care treatment. All MEXC’s product equipment and services were currently in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) market and extensively used by Traumatology’s, which covers the emergency response team and medical professionals.
MEXC products were currently used in all semi-critical and critical emergency situations that require fast and professional treatment from pre-hospital care to medical facilities. Since the products were well associated as compulsory equipment in all ambulances and emergency rooms, we therefor found that the equipment are now becoming a necessity to the traumatology unit across the world.
Our EMS products and services are the brainchild of Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Abu Hassan Asaari bin Abdullah, long has been heralded as the “father of Traumatology” in Asia. All the products and services are based on years of experience in this field, have been used extensively and proven to save lives.

Our products are based on new inventions, new innovations and creativities in providing the best and cost effective products and solutions for the EMS industry.

The main criteria for our products are based on these philosophies:
1. Life saving interventions
2. Functional savings interventions
3. Complication treatment interventions

The whole philosophies centred on the idea of bringing the complex orthopedic functions and facilities in hospitals to the accident and emergency scenes with the emphasis on mobility and space constraints of the site and ambulance themselves. With these philosophies, we have created new products and services that can be used outside of the hospitals for emergency services. If we can intervene in the process of transporting the patients from the accident and emergency scenes to the hospital with proper orthopedic care, more lives can be saved. With these products, MEXC Token holders can participate in this industry, and collaboratively reducing the cost of services for the benefit of mankind.


Emergency Medical Services [EMS] or ambulance services provide pre-hospital medical care and transportation services to hospitals and medical facilities. The rise in demand for emergency medical services has led to the growth in the ambulance equipment market.
Our EMS products and services are based on new inventions, new innovations and creativities in providing the best, and cost effective products and solutions for the EMS industry.

  • Democratize The USD 6.8 Billion Dollars EMS Industry
  • Ready made product. Ready markets
  • De-facto standards in EMS Industry
  • Huge market. Endless demands

Over the years since 1998, we have 25 new inventions that patentable, 5 industrial designs, and 6 copyrights in the EMS industry. All of the products have been used in hospitals and ambulances. Read our WhitePaper for further details.

  • 25 New Patentable Inventions
  • 5 Industrial Designs
  • 6 EMS Industry Copyrights


23 Oct 2019 Latest Update from The MEXC Project

1. As all of you aware, MEXC Project is backed by real proven EMS products and the fundamentals of a real Business
and we believe our focused for rolling out the Global EMS business is very important at this stage in order to complete the MEXC Project

2. Currently our MEXC Team are busy finalising the MEXC EMS busines : the Appointment of Regional Distributors,
MEXC EMS final products Compliances and MEXC EMS Global Rollout Strategy;

Few announcements shall be released within next few weeks and this exercise shall move MEXC to a greater height,
consequently making all your contributions to MEXC yielding very good ROI as predicted by many crypto review sites
such as Wallet Investor etc

Thanks for Continous Support to MEXC
MEXC : Tokenized EMS Business


NOTE: Program Executors have authorised Virtual Logic Pte Ltd (The Promoter) to distribute this White Paper on a confidential basis to potential persons for the sole purpose of assisting them to decide whether to purchase the MEXC Tokens.


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MEXC Token

MEXC Token (ERC20) was built on the Ethereum platform. The token is a unique creation of utility token for the users in the EMS industry. The players in the industry would use the MEXC Token to purchase patented, and patent-pending equipment and services to save lives. The MEXC Token is created to fill the gap in the Medical industry, especially by using Blockchain technology for transparent, immutable records and secure transactions.

Total supply: 1,434,360,068

MEXC Token is created solely for the use in Emergency and Medical Services, the first in the industry. To date, we have 25 (twenty-five) patent-pending products and growing, that serve all the 7 (seven) categories as discussed above. The MEXC Token shall be the defacto standard token for the EMS industry, where everybody can be part of this huge market, including creation, participation and rewards, by participating in the MEXC Economy for more efficient, transparent, immutable, fair and affordable EMS products and services.

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