MOC (Moss Coin) by MossLand

Mossland is a real estate-centric location-based Augmented Reality (AR) mobile game. In the game, users identify real properties in the world and add them into the game world - giving other users the ability to buy and sell real world properties in the Mossland virtual world. Mossland utilizes a blockchain-based cryptocurrency to facilitate trades, sales and purchases by users of in-game properties, emulating the real-world property market in game and giving our players a new and compelling way to interact with each other.


Mossland is a virtual asset service platform centered on landmarks from all around the world. We provide an auction, reward app, online games etc. utilizing virtual landmarks based on Moss Coin(MOC) and Non-Fungible Token(NFT). Users in Mossland can become owners of digital landmarks and lead a world they have only imagined.

The Auction
The Auction is an auction service selling virtual landmarks used in Mossland. Anyone’s dream to own famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Osaka Castle or Empire State Building can be realized by participating in the auction.

The Hunters
The Hunters is a location-based gaming reward app. Users gather scattered gold in their real-life parameter to check into landmarks in return of Moss Coins. Exchanged Moss Coins can either be used to purchase real-life goods or withdrawn to personal wallets.

Royal Marbles
Royal Marble is a simulated monopoly game. In a 1vs1 match environment, players use combinations of landmarks, avatars and dices on the race to become billionaires. This will become the first mobile game to signal grand kick-off of Mossland’s services into the global market.

Formerly Known As MOSSLAND LTD
UEN 201808884E

10 Anson Road #23-14M International Plaza Singapore 079903

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MOC Token

Moss Coin (MOC) is an ERC-20 Token based on Ethereum.

Total Supply: 500,000,000

Moss Coin is traded on exchanges, and Moss is used in-game. Moss and Moss Coin are interchangeable, but players will need to exchange their Moss Coin for Moss through the Mossland website, afterwhich Moss will be made available in the player’ s account, in-game. Exchanged Moss Coin will be securely managed and stored
on the Mossland servers.

Token Distribution

  • Pre ICO: 5%
  • Team: 15%
  • Advisor: 5%
  • Initail IAP: 15%
  • Main ICO: 45%
  • Reserve: 15%

There are three ways to acquire Moss in Mossland:

  • Extra-game Acquisition and Exchange
  • In-game In-App Purchases
  • Auction House Sales
  • Advertising Engagement