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Technology is reshaping the world’s economies – and not always for the better. Newton provides infrastructure that focuses on freer, fairer, and more open community economy by providing the means for governance, collaboration, and motivation.
Our technology stack, protocols and applications enable a community economy that fights for the public good, supported by a non-profit foundation with the vision that everyone should benefit directly from economic growth. This new kind of economy cuts out middlemen and puts more money in the pockets of both consumers and retailers.
We’ve designed a complete economic model for tokens and business, made up of both human and machine nodes. Each node will receive NEW tokens based on their contribution to the economy, ensuring that all participants can benefit from Newton.
Our first commercial application, NewMall, was launched end of 2018. While most online retailers devour users’ data and charge fees of 20% or more, NewMall lets users control their own data and charges under 10%. Since NewMall is managed by our Newton non-profit foundation, profits will be shared with users and retailers in the form of NEW tokens - not just for shopping, but also activities like viewing advertisements and popularizing the platform.
For the future, we’re looking into use cases to serve real economic needs, like blockchain-commerce, agriculture, supply chain management, gaming and self-finance. We want to work with you to make this happen: We welcome community ideas and feedback to make our economies freer, fairer and more open, and ensure everyone benefits directly from economic growth.

Newton's technology framework consists of three layers: the basic technology layer, the hyper exchange protocol layer, and the application layer. The basic technology layer includes NewChain, NewNET, Atom Hashing, NewIoT and NewAI; the hyper exchange protocol layer includes digital identity and credit, supply chain, digital marketing, transactions and payments, trusted physical channels, supply chain and NNIO, etc. The application layer includes wallets, retail, logistics, finance and insurance. We are developing a series of basic technologies to support the hyper exchange protocol, which is the basic commercial protocol cluster supporting upper-layer application operations.

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NEW Token

Newton Token, abbreviated as NEW is build on the NewChain platform and also currently integrated into Binance chain with the name NEW-09E. 

Total supply: 100,000,000,000

NEW is a built-in tool for value measurement, storage and incentives, which can transfer value between the main chain and its subchains and between the sub-chains.

Founding team: 10%

  • Incentives for founding team;
  • The first year is the locked period. From the second year, every
    month 1/24 of the total amount will be unlocked.
    3rd Party Token

Exchange: 15%

  • For foundation's initial operation;
  • Specific exchange options, such as rounds, ratios and lock-up
    clauses, etc., please refer to the official website.

Foundation: 15%

  • For foundation's later operation;
  • 1/5 of the total is immediately released, while the rest will be
    unlocked 1/36 every month.

Community: 60%

  • Incentives for community;
  • Unlock over the next fifty years.

Purchase NEW from these exchanges: MXC | Hotbit | Huobi Global | Binance DEX