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Ontology provides high-performance public blockchains that include a series of complete distributed ledgers and smart contract systems. Ontology blockchain framework supports public blockchain systems and is able to customize different public blockchains for different applications. Ontology supports collaboration amongst chain networks with its various protocol groups. Ontology will constantly provide common modules on the underlying infrastructure for different kinds of distributed scenarios, such as those for the distributed digital identity framework, distributed data exchange protocol, and so on. Based on specific scenario requirements, Ontology will continue to develop new common modules. Ontology uses a dual token (ONT and ONG) model. At first, ONT is a NEP-5 token and does not release ONG. After the launch of Ontology's MainNet, users will be able to exchange NEP-5 ONT for ONT on the Ontology MainNet, which will start to release ONG periodically.



Ontology Foundation Ltd

2 Venture Drive #11-31 Vision Exchange, Singapore 608526

Official website: https://ont.io 

Self-Sovereign Asset/Identity/Data All in ONE Wallet: https://onto.app/
Project Development: https://developer.ont.io/
Activities: https://medium.com/@theontologyteam
Whitepaper: https://ontio.github.io/documentation/wp_download_en.html

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ONT Coin & ONG Token

Ontology uses a dual token (ONT and ONG) model. ONT is a coin and can be used for staking in consensus, whereas ONGas is a utility token used for on-chain services. ONT releases ONGas periodically.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ONT
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ONGas

Ontology is a cryptocurrency that describes itself as a “high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform.” It’s designed to help businesses use blockchain technology by offering tools such as identity verification and data exchange. Since the Ontology MainNet went live on June 30th, 2018, MainNet ONT has started to release ONG periodically.

Stake ONT to earn ONG rewards
Purchase ONT & ONG on Binance