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Primas is a tech product company focused on meaningfully improving the quality of online content through distribution, tracking and Intellectual property protection.

Our grand overall vision is to replace the WWW protocol - something which we identify as being the culprit for much of the fake news, clickbait and plagiarism seen online today - with the DTCP, a protocol that puts quality of information at the very core. Using blockchain technology, big data, natural language processing and a massive decentralised network of crawlers, we are able to find, track and inform about any replicated piece of written or visual content online.

We have a number of products in various stages of development including our Dapp which is one of the world’s first actually decentralised applications. Our tech stack is completely open sourced and ready to give Dapp developers a leg up on their own projects.
We value ourselves on being honest, flexible and innovative. And are currently looking for forward thinking developers to join our dev communities and innovate media corporations and content creators to join the movement to stamp out fake news, clickbait and plagiarism online.


The first mobile app to be built on top of the Primas network. The Primas DApp is a decentralized content publishing platform based on the Primas technology and the DTCP. The Primas DApp is the world’s first truly decentralized app and is a platform for publishing, distributing, recommending and exchanging content. It incentivizes producing quality content and interacting with it. 

  • Your ideas and thoughts are valuable
    Earn money through sharing your experiences, ideas, thoughts or concerns. Easily keep track of your earnings on Primas.
  • Supports text and images
    The Primas DApp makes it easy to publish your own text and images. Choose the web editor for formatting longer pieces.
  • Integrated Value Evaluation System
    Our integrated content evaluation system offers fair and comprehensive evaluation. Content creation, recommendation and reviews are all rewarded.
  • Join Groups and share the benefits of community contributors
    We offer various flexible types of Groups. Group Autonomy – benefits can be distributed by the Group in accordance with their own defined rules.
  • Credibility underpins all recommendations
    Content Asset Fingerprint – Primas generates a globally unique digital fingerprint (Primas DNA) for every new piece of content.
    Modification History – Content modification history is stored on the blockchain.
    Reprint Tracking – The Primas DNA ensures that the origin of content can be traced even in the case of partial tampering.
  • Network-wide Reprint tracking gives full control over content assets
    Reprint Tracing – Find out where your content - or even just a part of it - is used.
    Scan Similar Content – Find and recognize related content assets.

Personal Index
Personal Indexes are part of the DTCP and reflect the comprehensive assessment of what you have generated on Primas. Your Personal Index will increase as you continue to generate original content. Personal Indexes are also used to punish plagiarism. If you plagiarize content and the plagiarism is confirmed by the committee, your Personal Index will be significantly reduced.

Primas HP value
HP is consumed when sharing and liking content on the Primas platform. Limiting the ability to share and like based on HP value incentivises users to only distribute content that is truly worth sharing. You can still share and like after you have exhausted your HP value, but you will not earn PST incentives from those shares and likes. HP values slowly regenerate over time. The max HP cap can also be raised by paying PST or by creating and sharing more content.

Primas community will be managed by Primas Lab Foundation Ltd. established in Singapore, which as its legal entity will have full authority over the development, promotion and operation of Primas and take all related responsibilities. To ensure openness and transparency of Primas project, Primas sets up a top decision-making body - the Decision-making Committee - to conduct management. Under this committee are Product Committee, Technology Committee, Financial and HR Management Committee, and Marketing and Public Relations Committee. The management body will consist of developers and functional committees. Term for members of the Decisionmaking Committee is two years and the first committee members will include members of Primas core team, well-known personnel of the Blockchain industry and early-stage investors. Future members of this committee will be chosen by community election.

Primas Lab Foundation Ltd

3 Temasek Avenue #21-55 Centennial Tower , Singapore 039190

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PST Token

The Primas Token (PST) is a cryptocurrency used by the Primas ecosystem built on Ethereum.

Total supply: 101,342,466

Token Distribution

  • 51%: Community at ICO stage, to be used for Primas development, operation, marketing and fund management
  • 20%: Founding team, early-stage investors and development team as compensation for their endeavors, resources and technology support
  • 20%: As reserve, which will be used by the Decisionmaking Committee as incentive for ecosystem building
  • 9%: Academic research, education, promotion and legal issues, so as to finance academic research on Primas and educational materials for developers

How to earn PST Tokens?

You can earn it by creating and sharing content, mining or trading on exchanges.

  • Earn PST with Primas DApp
    Create, share and review premium quality content on the Primas DApp to earn PST.
  • Content Mining
    PST is not only rewarded to original authors and Groups in the Primas DApp, but also the miners who run the support functions such as the Primas Node and the Hawkeye crawlers.

Purchase PST from the following Exchanges: LBank | OKEx | Bithumb