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PlayGame.com is the first decentralized Crypto Arcade Playground that uses blockchain technology to offer a simple world-class solution for game developers to fund their amazing projects. They will be able to acquire, retain and monetize their games to crypto-enthusiasts, without having to worry about payment discrepancies. PlayGame.com will be able to combat rampant piracy issues and allow indie developers to compete on the CPI (Cost-Per-Install) war. Indie studios would have the funds to hire good talent to design Free-to-Play games that have long development timelines.These games would be able to compete with big game studios in this space where (paying) conversion
rates, ARPU (Average Revenue per User), ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying Users) and ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active Users) are diminishing from an overcrowded game development scene.

PlayGame.com provide game developers with everything they need: technical solutions including smart-contracts, marketing outreach with our easy to remember domain name: PlayGame.com, advisory and management expertise driven by our team of 20 game industry experts. PlayGame.com provide game developers an amazing chance to create games for Cryptoenthusiasts which is an emerging market. Fun games where people pay tokens to play and compete to win more tokens of other cryptocurrencies. This solves the problem of acquiring, monetizing, and retaining users for indie game developers.

PlayGame.com, together with game projects within its ecosystem form the PlayGame economy, a space powered by PlayCoins that perform a variety of utility roles for Gamers and Game creators. PlayGame.com solves the funding problem that often plagues new developer aiming to turn their ideas into wonderful games. The transparent blockchain decentralized ecosystem backed by the PlayCoins Economy makes it possible for game projects/idea creators to receive proper funding and
gives assurance for backers when they back projects that they see potential in. Our mission is to help gamers, game developers, entrepreneurs, investors, advertisers, and other future-thinking crypto enthusiastic people convert their game ideas into fully-functional games that can be enjoyed by millions of people regardless of their location, origin, game devices or socioeconomic status.

PlayGame.com is here to address mounting challenges that game developers and publishers are facing. We combine our experience as game developers and technological startup founders to meet the demand of crypto enthusiasts to integrate cryptocurrencies into games. Founded in 2018, our company is based in Singapore and funded by a top tier venture capital investor. We have built games on Google Play and Apple’s App Store with over 50 million downloads and millions of daily active users. We intend to leverage on our deep knowledge of the mobile gaming industry, the startup payment and security functions of a marketplace, and the technological expertise of the current platform to grow and scale a new decentralized gaming ecosystem. Our team includes top-notched Indonesia startup industry veterans. We are highly experienced and have successfully executed numerous business strategies. We are backed and have a long-standing relationship with prominent Venture Capital firms. Graduated from prestigious universities, we are an experienced team who have accumulated multi-million downloads and revenue. We are now focused on making PlayGame.com as the world’s largest Crypto-Arcade playground, that will be beneficial for game developers, publishers, and the crypto-enthusiast crowd.

The PlayGame Team combines a total of 30 years of experience in tech, fintech, ecommerce from veteran startup founders. This Singapore Registered Company is managed by talented individuals from Indonesia with a huge gaming fanbase and supporters contributing new ideas into their gaming developments. They believe in nurturing the building blocks that defines the gaming world. Because of that they will be focusing on the 2 biggest building blocks of game development: easy distribution to the gamer community and fund raising your gaming development. $PXG is extremely popular token in Indonesia.

Play Game Pte Ltd

1 Irving Place #08-11 The Commerze@Irving, Singapore 369546

Official website: https://about.playgame.com

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PXG Token

PXG is a crypto-token of fixed supply. It is fractionally divisible, and units of PXG are fungible and transferable.The Ethereum blockchain will serve as the backbone for PXG.

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Distribution

  • Project Team Share: 20%
  • Advisors % Affiliates: 10%
  • Bonus & Reserves: 10%
  • Core phase of token: 60%

Use of Funds

  • Product Development: 40%
  • Marketing: 30%
  • Partnership: 15%
  • General & Administrative: 15%

PlayGame is a utility token used for these purposes:

  1. For Game Developers
    Game developers can use the tokens to get their games listed “green-lit” on the platform through the voting system. They could reward the players who supported them with PXG. Game developers would get paid in PXG which is fair and transparent.
  2. For Gamers – Crypto Enthusiasts
    Gamers will use their PXG to vote in a decentralized and transparent platform to get the work of their favorite game developer(s) listed on the platform. Gamers have an opportunity to increase the value of their PXG holdings by playing games.
  3. For Advertisers in-game
    CPM, CPI, CPC are never transparent as recorded clicks and impressions for advertisers are highly inaccurate. Utilizing the power of blockchain, we want to create a transparent environment for advertisers.
  4. For Token issuers
    We will also work with Cryptocurrency and token issuers, to make the holding of other coins beneficial. For example, holding a certain number of a particular coin (10,000 TEN) will allow you to get additional benefits in the competition.

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