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Q DAO Stablecoin Ecosystem
Cryptocurrencies offer a wide range of benefits for users around the world. However, high volatility in their prices prevents mass adoption. Users are not willing to trade in digital assets that might experience huge price changes in just a couple of minutes. Even the most popular coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, aren't able to deliver stability with price movements for up 20% being a usual occurrence.

At the Q DAO Platform, users can generate various stablecoins, currently USDQ and KRWQ are available. USDQ uses Bitcoin as its collateral, i.e. in order to create USDQ users need to lock up their Bitcoins in a smart contract. The stablecoin's price is pegged to United States Dollar. Stablecoins are seen as an important enabler, paving the path toward mass adoption of DLT-powered digital currencies. In contrast to other stablecoins on the market, USDQ is fully decentralized with all of its components residing on top of the blockchain. The KRWQ (and other stablecoins, planned to be launched in the future) act in the similar way, but are pegged to their specific fiats (KRW for KRWQ). In order to simplify the description, we are referring below only to USDQ, but the reader should understand that the same always applies to all other stablecoins, such as currently available (KRWQ) and planned (SGDQ, JPYQ and others).

Q DAO is a blockchain platform, integrated with Ethereum smart contracts. It provides a number of enablers for sustainability of the generated stablecoins, such as CDPs (collateralized debt positions), automated price adjustment processes with feedback mechanisms, as well as a system of incentives for external actors.

The stablecoins (USDQ, KRWQ and others) can be generated by any person who has Bitcoins at their disposal. Subsequently, these ERC-20 tokens can easily fulfill a wide range of functions, acting similar to other cryptocurrencies. Among the biggest use cases are cross-border value transfers, payments for goods and services to accepting businesses, as well as long-term savings. Additionally, the stablecoin generation system sets the foundation for a highly convenient and robust margin trading platform.

Collateralized Debt Position Smart Contracts
Any person can use Collateral Assets in order to create USDQ at Q DAO Platform. They do this by interacting with a special smart contract, identified as "Collateralized Debt Position". The Q DAO Governance, made up by holders of the Q DAO governance token, is charged with making decisions on Collateral Assets, allowed for the use.

CDPs are simultaneously used to mint USDQ and accrue the debt. The user can withdraw the Collateral Assets at any time upon repayment of the USDQ amount, equal to the loan originally received. CDPs implement the "excessive collateralization" principle, assuring that the debt value never exceeds the value of the Collateral Assets. The technique enables CDPs to dampen a negative impact from sudden price movements for the Collateral Assets.

Q DAO: Unique Platform to Generate Fiat-Pegged Stablecoins

At this time Q DAO Platform has issued two types of Tokens (also known as Stablecoins): USDQ and KRWQ

ERC-20 Decentralized Stable Asset

  • 1 USDQ = USD$1
  • 1 KRWQ = ₩1

Soon there will be even more fully backed stable coins:

  • SGDQ (Singapore Dollar)
  • JPYQ (Japanese Yen)
  • HKDQ (Hong Kong Dollar)
  • CNYQ (Chinese Yuan)
  • RUBQ (Russia Ruble)
  • PHPQ  (Philippines Peso) all under Q DAO governance.

USDQ (now widely used) delivers an effective solution for a stable value exchange method within the blockchain economy. Internal processes for USDQ generation, transfer and withdrawal, coupled with robust risk management solutions, invigorate the architecture to bring scalability, flexibility and sustainability. The development roadmap enables to focus on agile development in the short term with subsequent plans to deliver genuine decentralization. The ecosystem seeks to spur mass adoption, while always acting in a balanced and responsible manner.

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Q DAO Governance Token

QDAO Governance is an ERC20 token which is essential to governance mechanics, implemented within the Q DAO Platform.

Total supply: 999,999

How does Q DAO Work?

Q DAO holders participate in the votes for an Active Proposal, submitted by Q Box (neural network component) or Q DAO holders. The Active Proposal is a smart contract that can access the ecosystem's parameters and make the changes, specified in the proposal.

A Proposal Contract can execute only once with it being subsequently destroyed after the use. Upon activation, it immediately implements the changes to internal variables within the Q DAO Platform.

The vote by the Q DAO holders community is held with regard to the Active Proposal. With regard to the proposals, brought forward by Q Boxes, the users who are inclined against the Active Proposal have to cast the "no" votes with their Q DAO tokens being burned upon the vote. 1 unit of the Q DAO token entitles a holder to 1 vote. A user who doesn't vote against the Active Proposal is deemed as voting in favor of the same. The votes must be cast within 24 hours from the time when The Active Proposal was placed on the vote. Meanwhile, the Active Proposals, furnished by Q DAO holders, move through a conventional voting process with Q DAO holders voting for or against the proposals.

How to earn Q DAO?

  1. Mine Q DAO tokens - Using the Q Box, you can easily mine Q DAO tokens
  2. Buy from the Exchange

Q DAO Governance token can be purchase through these Exchanges: Hotbit | BTC-Alpha