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The Poseidon Network was founded by Light Lin, Taiwan's bestknown serial entrepreneur. His past well-known entrepreneurial experiences include: Wretch.cc - a social networking platform, FlyingV.cc - a crowd-funding platform, BiiLabs.io - a blockchain lab and many more. He was also involved in the creation of Angel Club, a venture capital institution affiliated to National Chiao Tung University and also FungLy Capital. He also serves as advisor at government agencies such as the Silicon Valley of Asia and DIGI+ Advisory Committee in Asia. Products of the Poseidon Network are positioned as a worldwide decentralized P2P infrastructure, including Decentralized CDN, Distributed Storage, Distributed Content Delivering etc. The Poseidon Network is the world's first CDN hybrid blockchain application platform, which is built on the concept of Internet of Things (IoTs) and has four business models: B2B, B2C, C2B2B and C2B2C. By the first quarter in 2019, there are already 25+ stable enterprise customers and super nodes around 30+ countries in the Poseidon Network.

The Lights towards the next Internet Sources Sharing Platform
Next-Generation Content Acceleration Layer (CDN + DSN), incentivized by Token Economy, it’s cheaper yet faster. Utilized unused bandwidth and storage from any NAS, desktop, or mobile devices around the world. It’s distributed, efficient, and integrates perfectly with existing internet and blockchain infrastructure Served as a bandwidth optimization mechanism for every type of web content (static file / video on demand / live streaming)

Poseidon Network Smart Contract

  • Node Selection Algorithm
  • Caching Prediction Algorithm
  • Flexible QCDN pricing and smart contract
  • QEdge Voting and Reward smart contract
  • Payout and Lockup Cycle smart contract

Poseidon Network Dapps

  • QCDN
    The next-generation decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN) built by the POSEIDON NETWORK is called QCDN. It includes a traffic dispatcher called Qontroller, and QEdge, decentralized nodes from all over the world that join our network.
  • DSN
    Decentralized Storage Network is mostly created by blockchain network like IPFS, Filecoin, etc. We combined with these technology and company to greater our network.
  • Blockchain
    We create our token on Ethereum, and use Aelf network to create mutiple VM by runing nodes parallel. In addition, we cooperate with Nem, Harmony, and Cybavo to get the toppest technical advices and collaboration.

Poseidon Network Pte Ltd

9 Temasek Boulevard #04-02 Suntec Tower Two, Singapore 038989

Official website: https://poseidon.network

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QQQ Token

The functional token of Poseidon Network is QQQ - the only token in this ecosystem.

Total supply: 21,000,000,000

QQQ token is needed to utilize the services of Poseidon Network, or get QQQ from supplying your unused network resources.

Community Bounty
We provide a diversity of bounty for our community, such as scholarship program, research development, testing volunteer, college ambassadar, etc. This is our vision for the future, our belief in the rise of you - on the community.

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