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The SpaceChain Foundation provides efficient solutions in the space frontier as they are building the world’s first the world’s first open-source satellite network that runs on blockchain nodes.

The SpaceChain Foundation was founded in 2017 to pioneer solutions for humanity to thrive in the coming space age. Its project “SpaceChain” utilizes an open network based on blockchain technology to advance the principles of decentralization and promote international collaboration within the vibrant and global space community.

As a non-profit community-based space platform, SpaceChain also looks after the interest of the space community by distributing funds, contributing resources, and supporting other space organizations to accelerate the pace of space exploration and development.

The development of the SpaceChain Operating System (“SpaceChain OS”) has already been completed and adapted to the Sparc V8 satellite operating system. It has also achieved stable operations at the system level. Integrating Qtum blockchain technology, SpaceChain OS has established a platform for the development of space-based applications. In February 2018, SpaceChain released and launched its first SpaceChain OS blockchain node into space. By harnessing the power of tokens, private funding and leadership, SpaceChain provides an open-source platform for innovators around the world to maintain an opportunity to choose and execute projects that fit the blockchain-based philosophy to accelerate outer space development.

In 2018, SpaceChain launched into space a customized Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite equipped with communication, camera, sensor, gesture and orbit control functions. Also, SpaceChain’s partners and any interested parties can launch into space LEO satellites equipped with SpaceChain hardware and OS capabilities to contribute to the satellite constellation ecosystem. Smart satellite hardware standards and standardized production of satellite parts have greatly reduced the cost of satellite construction, which can spur organic growth of the industry. This ensures an economically viable ecosystem. To further drive down infrastructure expenses, SpaceChain’s partners and interested parties will have access to cost-efficient rockets with multiple LEO satellite payloads per rocket. These LEO satellites form the early satellite constellation network and a basic satellite application platform that developers need to start creating software.

Our core development team is based in USA and China, with CTO Jeff Garzik and a few other aerospace engineers in the U.S. Jeff Garzik has been an integral part of the initial SPC design in regards to satellite payloads and architecture of SpaceChain OS. Additionally, he also provided the foundational architecture for the decentralized space constellation and the “data center in space” API and architecture. Jeff regularly represents SpaceChain at industry conferences, meets with partners and advisors, and regularly interacts with the core SpaceChain team.


Spacechain Foundation Ltd 

9 Temasek Boulevard #04-02, Suntec Tower 2, Singapore 0389892.

3 Fraser Street, #05-21 DUO Tower, Singapore 189352

Official website: https://spacechain.com

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SPC token is build on the Ethereum platform and utilized in the SpaceChain ecosystem in the same way that payments are transferred digitally online. 

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

SpaceChain (SPC) has built a decentralized platform for space and satellite-based application development, where its token serves as a method of payment for access to applications built and utilized on the platform.

Token Distribution

Team & Future Talent Acquisition: 15%
Building the Space & Blockchain Ecosystem: 15%
Key Partners & Resources: 9%
Future Reserves: 10%
Distributed to the Community: 51%
(the majority of the tokens were distributed via the presale, while some of the tokens were
airdropped on EXX.com and via community events)

Trade SPC tokens through Upbit, HitBTC & Bittrex.

SpaceChain has established an eco-system where contributors are rewarded with SPC tokens. These community contributors can be anyone – from content creators to developers who help to improve codes, solve bugs or maintain the software – who want to add value and be part of making the ecosystem more vibrant and successful. Through such an economic model, more talent and companies with resources will be attracted to contribute to SpaceChain’s ecosystem for as long as they believe in the project.
To create greater overall growth for the ecosystem and the space industry as a whole, SpaceChain is encouraging other groups and projects to build applications that bring value to the ecosystem.